Donut Dash #3 (May 2016)

This is a long overdue post. The May Donut Dash was squished between Glass City 5k and Shanty 2 Shorts. Between race goals, race recaps and training updates, I haven’t had time to put this post together. But with almost no running last week I found some time to work on this.

[And if you are wondering, last weeks “training” was four miles on Tuesday, five on Sunday. I don’t regret taking a week off because I feel so refreshed and am eager to get back on a training plan.]

On May 1st, Kendall and I spent another donut and running filled Sunday morning with our friends at Ypsi Running. I wavered quite a bit as to whether or I should try for a new donut PR or just run for fun. I did not want to spend Sunday in a sugar coma, but I also knew I could beat my current time. I was also still bummed about missing a PR at Glass City the previous weekend. In the end my competitive side got the best of me and I decided to race it.

The Run

The running portion of the race was a bit of a disaster. I got held up at multiple intersections and could tell from the start of the run that my legs just did not feel like racing. I figured if I could at least hold on to tempo pace I could still manage a PR.

Also the family in line in front of me took forever. It felt frustrating at the time, but looking back it is pretty hilarious. I’m staring at my watch just watching the seconds tick by and the family is all “Okay little Billy, tell them what type of donut you want…” and “Who wants something to drink? Should we get some chocolate milk too?” What more can you expect from a donut shop on a late Sunday morning?

Run time: 23:50 (35 seconds worse than 23:15)

The Donuts

No cake donuts this time and I borrowed a strategy from the Krispy Kreme Challenge where I stacked my donuts and smashed them together so I could eat multiple donuts at a time. My plan was a stack of three followed by a stack of two, but I ended up doing 2, 2, 1. Three donuts was too tall.

This portion of the race was much easier this time around. I still felt a little nauseated after about 3ish donuts, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first time. And I wasn’t struggling to choke down cake donuts.

Donut time: 7:17 (4 minute, 22 second improvement from 11:39)

Total time: 31:07 (3:47 improvement from 34:54)

The Aftermath

Two new records!

The aftermath was not nearly as bad as anticipated. I didn’t throw up and I didn’t feel sick all day like last time. I pretty much just felt full for most of the day (I skipped breakfast and lunch, but was hungry at dinner time).

I still think I can break 30 minutes, but that is going to be put on hold until after my fall goal race. I will be out of town for the next dash and then I will be starting my half training program which will mark the return of the Sunday morning long run.


9 thoughts on “Donut Dash #3 (May 2016)

  1. Way to go! I still think this is like the weirdest thing ever, but, I’m glad you are having fun 🙂

    Also, that guy’s run AND eat time is only 11 seconds more than your (admittedly slower this time) run time alone?!? Good grief.


  2. Amazing!! I don’t think I could stomach a challenge like this but it’s fun to read about your experiences 🙂 I’d be frustrated with having to wait in line and at intersections too but I guess that’s what makes it so unpredictably interesting!


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