Easy 6

Last night I headed out for a 6 mile run and was treated to one of those amazing, relaxing runs where everything just clicks and the miles just fly by. It felt like a fresh start, which after a crazy busy week, was just what I needed.

Memorial Day weekend was awesome but exhausting. Friday after work, Kendall and I loaded his truck up with our gear and our cat and headed north for 5 nights at the cabin. Little kitty was a surprisingly good travel companion.

Kendall’s grandparents live in Northern Michigan and most summer weekends turn into mini-family reunions as their children/grandchildren head north for dirt biking and boating. This weekend was no exception. It was actually a huge group as one cousin brought a few college friends and Kendall’s uncle drove out from New York.

For me, each day started with a run. I took advantage of the fact that there are plenty of hilly routes in the area. This is one of my favorite routes. 7 miles of almost solid uphill running.


After my run, it was time to hit the ORV trails for a few hours dirt biking and ATVing. No pictures from our rides, but imagine a photo of 8 dirt bikes and 3 ATVs. We were a huge group.

Most nights found us gathered around a campfire, drinking beer and staying up way too late. This was my life Saturday through Wednesday. Wednesday night we made the four hour drive back to Ann Arbor where I immediately got to work in the kitchen. I had lofty plans of baking and decorating ~125 cookies for my best friends baby shower on Saturday.

Wednesday night I made three batches of sugar cookie dough. Thursday night I rolled, cut, and baked 130-some cookies and made two batches of royal icing. Friday night I spent 8 hours in the kitchen decorating 100 cookies. I bailed on decorating the final two dozen and crawled into bed at 11.


I was up at 6 AM the next morning to put the final touches on the cookies and get them packaged. The end result was worth it. 50 space themed favors for the shower. Major props to my husband for buying and wrapping the baby shower gifts I picked out and for fetching me Chinese takeout when I was starving but would not let him into the kitchen to make dinner.

I spent all day Saturday with my friends and was a tiny bit relieved when the rain forced Movie Night at Michigan Stadium to be cancelled (even though my inner nerd was kind of bummed not to get to watch Star Wars at the Big House). Sunday turned into another long day and a really late night. I was utterly exhausted on Monday.

Which made last night’s run that much better. It was just what I needed to clear my head of the chaos from the past week and get focused on the week ahead.


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