Lessons from my first 10k

Last month I ran my first 10k ever and didn’t even mention it on the blog. Biggest fail ever for a running blogger.


In truth, I wasn’t really sure what to say about this race. I was not racing it. I ran it to help pace my sister. She didn’t have a great race so apart from it being my first 10k race, it was a kind of a non-event. So instead of a full recap, I am going to share a few lessons learned from my first 10k. (Mini recap: my finish time was 1:09:28)

I LOVE small races.

This is what I might consider a bigger race. 3300+ in the 10k, plus even more in the 5k and 25k. We started in the middle of the pack and the crowd NEVER thinned out. Running tangents was impossible. I guess I have been spoiled with being out front in my last couple races (19th overall at Glass City, 8th overall at Shanty 2 Shorts) and I completely forgot how crowded and uncomfortable races can be. Someone remind me of this before I sign up for my next big race.

Hanes makes the softest tees.

Race swag has been a bit lacking this year. Particularly disappointing is ill fitting tech tee from Shanty 2 Shorts, which as a bonus is a shade of yellow makes me look like death. But this 10k shirt is easily one of my favorite race shirts ever, a pretty big accomplishment for a basic cotton race shirt. But I literally can’t stop wearing it. It is so soft and so comfortable!

Have a plan.

Kendall has cheered for me at many, many races and we have never had any issues meeting up at the finish line. I usually give him a 5 minute window of finish times and he always has been able to watch me finish and find me at the end of the chute. But not this time. We decided not to set a goal time because Colleen’s training hadn’t gone as planned.

We ended up crossing the line on the left hand side while Kendall and my niece watched for us on the right. He never saw us (see point 1: we were always in the middle of a huge crowd). Since we couldn’t find him after the race, we decided to walk back to the car. It was pretty cold out (felt like 37) and we assumed that it was just too cold to stand around waiting and that they bailed. It was maybe a 15 minute walk back to the car and when we got there, they weren’t there.

At this point we were both freezing. Colleen lives in Florida and thinks anything below 60 is cold. I was wearing shorts, which were fine while running, but the race had ended half an hour ago. I ended up leaving Colleen waiting by the car so I could run back towards the finish and find someone to lend me a phone to call Kendall. Fortunately he had already deduced that we had finished the race and was headed back to the car already. I ran back to Colleen and we huddled for warmth until he got there.

I’m a little bummed that my first 10k was kind of a “meh” experience, but very happy I got to share it with my sister. Also with Hanna gearing up for a 10k training season, I have been getting really excited about signing up for another one. I still have no idea when that will be, but the drive is there to find out just how big of a PR I can get!


5 thoughts on “Lessons from my first 10k

  1. Whoo hoo! Glad you want to do another one! I bet if you could find one this summer, your half marathon training (you are still doing that?) would pay huge dividends for you. The 10K is a great tune up for the half, and the combination of speed and endurance emphasized in half training would get you a great 10K time.

    Oddly enough, I actually prefer bigger races – but like you I think I’ve been spoiled being able to start closer to the front and avoid crowding. The logistics of big races can be a pain in the rear but the extra energy at these races helps my performance. Ironically, the one race where I had a big issue with crowding was a small race.

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    1. Sadly I don’t think I am going to have time for a 10k during half training (which is definitely still on!). I already have two shorter races lined up during training (1 mile and a 6.7 mile (such a weird distance!)) plus a week vacation where I won’t be training. So with so many training interruptions already planned, I don’t want to add anything new. I might look for one in October or November though. Taking advantage of my half training is a great idea!


  2. It was your first 10K so it was an automatic PR! Congrats! 🙂 I can’t believe you had a feels like temp of 37. Is that normal for June? That seems really really cold!

    I did my first 10K last year. It was definitely not anything to write home about. It was SOOOOO hot out and the course had zero shade. About a mile into the race I felt like burnt toast! It didn’t leave a great taste in my mouth so I don’t think I’ll do another one anytime soon. Although there really aren’t many 10Ks around here anyway – just a million 5Ks!


  3. I love that you ran this with your sister! I hope you two had some fun during the running portion. I paced my sister for her first half marathon and it was fun to share an experience like that with her 😀


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