AKA I commit to cross training!

On Saturday I tested 2/3 of my new cross training plan. Cross training is really not my thing. I just haven’t found anything that I love enough that I am willing to commit to it. Even knowing that it is beneficial to my running, I usually do it for 2-3 weeks and then forget about it.

Since I am setting some scary, big goals for my fall half marathon, I want to do everything in my power to adequately prepare for the race. That means running all the runs (easy), eating mostly healthy (less easy), and adding in some cross training (damn near impossible). I figured that there were two ways I could force myself to really stick with cross training: either pay for it up front or trick myself into going each week.

Since I am determined to pay for graduate school without taking any student loans, I’m saving my pennies and going for option #2. Which means I am tricking myself into going to yoga once a week by smushing it into the middle of a run. I’ll be running the 4 miles to my local Lululemon every Saturday for an hour of free yoga and then running the 4 miles home.

I tested the first two portions of this plan this past Saturday and it went really well. I actually enjoyed the yoga class and felt like I was getting a good workout during the class and after (my upper body was surprisingly sore the next morning). I opted to have Kendall pick me up after the class because I tweaked my hamstring early last week and wasn’t sure it was up for 8 miles AND trying something new. For future weeks I don’t foresee any issues with running home.


  • Free
  • Lululemon has yoga mats I can borrow for the class, so I don’t have to figure out running with a mat.
  • Will be out of town for probably half of the weekends, so really only looking at 6 or so classes.


  • Will kill about 3 hours of every Saturday.
  • Will need back up plan for weeks I am out of town.
  • I didn’t like yoga when I tried it a few years ago (but I believe that was because of the instructor).

Another thing that I am taking in to consideration is that 2 four mile runs isn’t really the same as an 8 mile run. However, since I am training for a half marathon, as opposed to a marathon, I don’t think this will be an issue. I will still have a long run on Sunday, a mid-week medium long run, and a tempo run each week to build both endurance and speed. Breaking up my easy miles into two sessions should be no big deal.

Sadly I won’t get another chance to try the full 3-part workout for another few weeks. I’ll be out of town next weekend (seeing Book of Mormon with my aunt!) and the following Saturday is the Charlevoix 5k. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am really excited about this cross training plan! I’m already looking forward to my next yoga class.


9 thoughts on “Run/Yoga/Run

  1. I’m jealous you have a yoga studio within running distance of your house AND it’s free. I don’t blame you to run there and back, even if it’s not the same as an 8 mile run (and I agree it isn’t), but it’s a good thing to do and you’re saving gas, not having to park, etc. Plus, you’ve got to get home from yoga so there’s no way you can really cut the run short at 6 miles, like you might be tempted to do if you just went for an 8 mile run. I hope it works out for you!


      1. Better late than never, I guess. I don’t think people realize what they have nearby until they just don’t have it. Where I used to live, I was 10 minutes away from my gym that had 100+ group fitness classes a week… and I almost never did classes. Now I wish I could do that, but oh well!


  2. I like yoga a lot. Glad you’re enjoying it! That’s really cool that you came up with such a creative solution to fit it in with your running! It will also make your easy miles seem a little less monotonous since they serve a purpose (transporation!) and are broken up. Since this is in addition to your long run I don’t see it being a big deal that you’re splitting it up.

    Cross training has never really been my thing either, for the same reasons you list. But my priorities have changed a lot in the past couple months, and it’s really helped me to think of XT not just as something that benefits my running, but rather, something that just benefits me. Once I started taking more of an interest in my overall fitness, I started to value and enjoy cross training more. It really just depends on your priorities and goals. If you just want to be a fast runner and hit certain times, then you can probably get away with high mileage and 100% running (as long as you’re not injury prone). But if you want better overall fitness, then mixing it up is the way to go. Either way, life’s too short to force yourself to do things you don’t want to do. There is more than one way to get from point A to point B.


  3. I think once you get into a routine XT won’t feel like a chore anymore! I know I am most dedicated to it when I am doing it consistently the same day/time each week. Then it just becomes a thing I do because I have already planned for it and carved out the time both in reality and in my mind, haha.

    Book of Mormon! You know, I can’t believe I STILL haven’t seen this play. I think Adam and I are going to NY for my birthday in August and we’ll have to make it a priority! It was here in Jan/Feb I think and for some reason we never worked out when to go even though we’ve been saying for years that we want to see it!


    1. I’m so excited for the play. My aunt and I try to catch at least one play/year as part of an annual girls night out thing. Book of Mormon came to town a year or two ago and it sold out before we managed to get tickets. So glad we got tickets this year!
      I’m really hoping that once XT becomes routine it will feel just like heading out for a run. I don’t always feel like going for a run, but if I can just force myself out the door, I usually end up enjoying it. Having a set day/time should really help with making it a routine.


  4. I went to one of those Roga *running & yoga* events put on by Lululemon too! Except I’ve never taken a yoga class before, and I giggled the whole time because the instructor kept talking about focusing on our “third eye”. I just couldn’t get into it 🙂 I keep thinking I’ll try it again, but haven’t made it there yet. Hope your cross training is still going well. Other than getting to the gym to lift weights twice a week, I also don’t get any cross training done. Who has time?? (well, you do!!)

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