A week of firsts

I started my half marathon training last week which resulted in a lot of firsts. First double digit run since May (12 miles on Sunday), first complete run/yoga/run (8.7 miles round trip and an hour of yoga), and my first tempo run of the season. Throw in a couple easy runs and a hilly group run and I ended the week with just over 43 miles (first 40 mile week in ages). I expected some of the runs to feel quite challenging but was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to jump back into training.

The tempo run was probably the hardest run of the week, but I suspect the temperature (low 80s) had more to do with that than anything else. My plan called for 14 minutes at lactate threshold (LT) pace, 4 minutes of recovery, 12 minutes LT. The suggested pace for these workouts is about the pace I could maintain for an hour race. Based on recent race times I believe this would be somewhere between 7:15-7:30. I ran two slow miles to warm up and then picked the pace up to 7:15 for the first block. Even after my 4 minute recovery I could tell that I was too hot and too tired for the second block. I managed 7:37 for the second followed by about 1.3 miles to cool down (7 miles total).

My long run was actually a pleasant surprise. I knew that my longest run in June was only 8 miles, so I wasn’t sure about making the jump to 12 miles. I kept the pace slow for the first half of my run then gradually let myself pick up the pace as I realized that the distance was not going to be an issue. As a result my paces on this run follow a nice progression from the first mile at 10:20 to the last mile at 8:15.

And because this year is supposed to be all about doing the work, I threw in a little bit of cross training. I’m still not really sure how I feel about yoga, but you can’t beat free and I kind of feel like a bad ass after completely an almost 3 hour workout. I also added a tiny bit of strength training by starting this pushup challenge. I am doing knee pushups because I literally have zero upper body strength, but even with modifications I feel pretty awesome for doing 100 pushups last week.


10 thoughts on “A week of firsts

  1. Incredible first week back into training! That progression on your LR must have been a great confidence booster!

    That pushup challenge is cool, I like that they also have other challenges like squats and pullups although I peeked at the squat one and I don’t think I would ever want to do 200 squats over 3 days! Maybe that’s why I’ll never have a round butt, haha!


  2. Amazing job!! Starting at 40+ miles for half marathon training?! You’re a beast! I like that tempo run you did and yoga squished between two runs – wow! Did they have yoga mats there? I’ve never run to yoga before because that would require trying to run awkwardly with my mat! Hahaha. Also, I’m so in on the push-up challenge! I’ve actually seen that one before and I still don’t believe it can get someone to 100 consecutive push-ups but I’ll give it a try and see. We’d sound like total badasses if we could tell people we can do 100 push-ups!


    1. It’s a free yoga class offered once a week at Lululemon and the store has extra mats that you can borrow. I can only imagine how ridiculous I would look trying to run down the street with a yoga mat.

      I really doubt that I’ll ever be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups. So long as I get a little bit stronger over the next few weeks I’m going to call it a success.


  3. Sounds like a great first week of training with higher mileage, which is always a good thing. I do agree that running to yoga would be hard for me even if I could, just because you have to bring your own mat here and I like to have towel/water. Are you following a particular plan for the half?


    1. Yeah if I had to bring my own mat I could never do it. Fortunately the store has extras that you can borrow. My plan is mostly taken from Faster Road Racing by Pfitzinger. I’ve made a few adaptations to suite my schedule/training needs. I should really do a post on what my overall training plan is like 🙂

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  4. I’m just noticing that you look to be in or near Charlevoix – I live in New Orleans now, but I lived there for a few years in the ’90’s. It was…cold. Beautiful and cold.


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