Wipe out

Last week I threw a wild card into my training by completely wiping out during a trail run. I was almost 6 miles into the run with less than a mile to go. I had just run the Arb hill twice (killer hill about 1km long) and my legs were feeling a bit jellylike. I wasn’t really paying attention when my toe caught a rock in the trail and down I went. Pretty much a belly flop into the dirt.

Fortunately I was running with a group and my friend Ravi heard me fall. Or at least heard me loudly swear. He came back to make sure I was alright and then stayed with me while I got things moving again. After walking for awhile I was able to run the rest of the way in.

Nothing felt like a serious injury but I was pretty sure that under all of that dirt I had some bruises and scrapes. There were a couple dirt patches that looked wet and muddy which I took as a sign that I was bleeding underneath (yup!). The dirt on my shirt had also turned to mud, but that was just because I was all sweaty, haha.

As this was my third road rash inducing fall, I have pretty much become an expert at washing dirt out of my wounds. And at bandaging my left elbow. My right elbow has completely escaped all falls, but my left is starting to develop a solid collection of scars. Also wounded: both knees, though the left is far worse than the right, and a tiny bruise on my left hip (seriously, belly flop).

Band-aids make everything better

I took Thursday and Friday off so I could monitor the swelling in my knees. Since I only had some mild stiffness in my left knee I headed out for 7 easy miles on Saturday. I didn’t notice any issues during/after that run so I finished the week with 13.1 miles on Sunday. Overall I only missed one run so I’m counting week 2 of training as a success!


8 thoughts on “Wipe out

  1. ouch!! although you came back like a champ having someone take that awesome pic of you. sorry you got all banged up, its times like these i remember why i stay on the road and dont do trails…that and the flashers in our area, yeah no thanks on that. glad your knees are feeling better and not getting in the way of your run.

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  2. ^^^ Flashers!! It took me a few seconds to understand what Rachel meant, haha. I was thinking car lights flashing? Flashlights? Headlamps? And then it hit me! O_O

    I’m so glad that the fall left you with a few minor injuries and you were able to successfully get back to your normal activities just a couple days later!


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