Just like riding a bike

Last week I was happily doing that distance training thing where the vast majority of my runs are at an easy pace when I remembered I have a race in just a few days (it’s tonight!). In terms of distance, it’s only a mile. In terms of pace? It should be the fastest I run all year.

So yeah, about those long, slow training runs. Not exactly ideal prep work for a fast race. On Thursday, at the end of an easy run, I decided to add a few surges to my run. Just to remind myself what it feels like to run fast. I knew it was too late to actually be training for this race.

The first surge was awful. I managed to hit the pace that I wanted, but I felt completely winded. The second surge was just as bad. I didn’t feel nearly as winded, but I really struggled with turnover and reaching my target pace. But by the third sprint things were starting to feel familiar. And by the fourth (my longest and fastest sprint) everything fell into place. Running fast apparently is just like riding a bike.

I also tried to spend a bit of time visualizing the outcome of the race. Which sounds totally cheesy, but I really think going into Charlevoix expecting the race to be miserable played a big part in how I felt during the race. The thing with a mile race is that I pretty much know it is going to be miserable. I’ve only done a mile race once before and honestly that was the first time I really understood how much racing could hurt. So I have been really focused on expecting my lungs to be burning but trusting that my legs know what to do.

Marathon pace: 3+ minutes slower than tonight’s goal

It just wouldn’t be a pre-race post without talking a little bit about goals. My current PR is 6:16.7. I would like to see a new PR and that certainly feels possible. I would also really like to see 5:xx. Which sounds impossibly fast, but according to my 5k PR I should be able to cruise in at about 5:45. Though the forecast (high 80s) might have something to say about that.



3 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike

  1. Good luck with your race! I haven’t raced a mile but am debating one later this summer. It just seems so painful though. Very quick, but very painful. I don’t know what my 5K would predict as my mile time, but I seem to run a 7:30 pace for everything from a 5K to a half marathon these days, so maybe I should just consider running longer, haha! The heat is something serious…

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