July Training

It’s hard to believe that July has already come and gone. I have mixed feeling about this because I’m so very tired of every single run being hot and humid, but I also don’t want summer to end. As I can’t slow down time I’m just going to celebrate the fact that there is only one more hot and humid training month left (hopefully) and that I have an awesome vacation coming up later this month!

I haven’t posted too much about my training this season because there really hasn’t been much to say. Everything has been going really, really well. Which is awesome! but it makes for a fairly boring weekly recap.

Over the past 5 weeks I have run an average of 42.4 miles per week. I’ve successfully moved from 5 runs per week to 6, with one exception: the week I fell. Each week has included a speed workout and a hilly run. My weekly long run averages out to just a touch longer than a half marathon (13.29 miles). While I don’t feel ready to go out and race a half marathon tomorrow, my confidence has been building with each week and I still have 8 weeks of training remaining.

Week 1 (6/27-7/3)

43.73 miles
Long run: 12 miles
Speed: 14′ @ tempo pace, 4′ recovery, 12′ @ tempo pace

Week 2 (7/4-7/10)

38.08 miles
Long run: 13.1 miles
Speed: 18′ @ tempo pace, 4′ recovery, 12′ @ tempo pace

Week 3 (7/11-7/17)

43.08 miles
Long run: 14.29 miles (Progression run w/ last 2 miles at tempo)
Speed: 18′ @ tempo pace, 4′ recovery, 15′ @ tempo pace

Week 4 (7/18-7/24)

40.08 miles
Long run: 12.06 miles (5 miles at goal pace)
Speed: 1 mile race (6:07.7)

Week 5 (7/18-7/31)

46.07 miles
Long run: 15 miles
Speed: 6 x 1000


9 thoughts on “July Training

  1. Whew, great job this July! It’s so nice to get in consistent longer runs each weekend. I’m ready for fall, but I can’t believe I’m so close to being halfway done with training already. I feel like just yesterday it was January – 2016 is just flying by!


  2. Good luck with the rest of your training! You are definitely on track for a strong half marathon considering you’re already running the distance (or close to it) in your long run each week and it’s still so hot and humid.


  3. Nice job on your training! I’ve been having a lot of trouble transitioning from 5 to 6 days per week. It’s been leading to some pretty bad training weeks.


    1. If it makes you feel better, it took me almost 6 months to really make the move to 6 days/week. I started trying to add a 6th day this winter and really struggled to adapt. I was kind of shocked by how difficult it was.

      If I recall correctly I kept the distance down to 3ish miles on day 6 and was sure to keep the pace super slow, sometimes 10:00+ (which felt so dumb since my goal was a fast 5k) and sometimes I relied on run/walk intervals to make it through. Even with my efforts to make that run as easy as possible, there were many weeks were I just needed a second rest day.

      After a few months of that and a month of running reduced weekly mileage spread across 6 days/week, I am now able to comfortably train on all 6 days. I still have easy/recovery runs each week, they are no where near the struggle that they were earlier this year.


  4. Hey, I love to hear about people’s training going well. At least someone’s should be! haha! Sorry to be tardy to the party, but which half marathon are you training for now? I agree – I will miss the summer, but those cool Fall temps will be a relief. Each morning I see the sun rising later and later. I can tell it’s just around the corner!


    1. One day this week I thought it was weirdly overcast in the morning and then I just realized that the sun hadn’t made it above the treeline yet, haha.

      The half I am running is the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon. I’ll be taking advantage of staying with family near Niagara Falls!

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