A lesson in time management

I have a confession to make: I’ve missed all of my scheduled runs this week and am doing my best not to feel even slightly guilty about it. It seems that every day in the few free hours between a work and sleep I have had about 5 things I want to get done and only enough time to get to 3-4 of them. A hair cut, last minute vacation shopping, a 2 hour round trip to drop little kitty off at my in laws, more last minute vacation shopping, an urgent doctor’s appointment, a send off party for a moving friend, and staying up too late watching the Olympics each night. Oh, and call me crazy, but I also insisted on making time for dinner every night. Running (and blogging) did not make the cut.

All settled in at her home away from home.

With better time management I probably could have squeezed in at least a few short runs over the last 3 days, but honestly, I leave for vacation later today and it just wasn’t worth completely exhausting myself and stressing myself out. Yes, it is frustrating to know that between a hectic pre-vacation week and my week of actual vacation I’ll be missing almost 2 weeks of running. But at this point, I can’t change it so I’m not going waste time worrying about it (someone please remind me of this in two weeks when I am complaining I am “so out of shape”).


On the other hand, last week was one of my best training weeks ever! I finished the week with just shy of 50 miles which included a killer tempo run, a Garmin-free hilly run, and 15 miles on Sunday–3 of which were part of Donut Dash.

Last week’s speed workout called for 9 miles with 5 at goal half marathon pace (7:37). When I started the run I thought it was going to be a tough one. Only 66 degrees out but 94% humidity. My warm up miles were particularly slow (10:44, 10:17) and I was seriously doubting myself. I could tell I was working hard for the first two tempo miles, but just a few minutes later and I felt like my legs finally woke up. The pace suddenly felt so much easier and I finished the tempo portion feeling strong and confident.

tempo splits

My Sunday long run consisted of 12 solo miles starting at 7am and an additional 3.1 at Donut Dash. I didn’t feel up to racing OR stuffing my face with donuts, so I ran an easy pace for the majority of the race and only bought one donut. I must say it was a really nice change to actually enjoy my donut instead of attempting to speed eat 5 of them.

crater lake

It was perfect timing to get a little practice with running a race for fun as opposed to a finish time since fun is my number one priority for my upcoming vacation race. I signed up for the shortest distance at Crater Lake Rim Runs, which is a 6.7 mile race. A perfectly random distance that I will likely never race again. All I want to do is soak in the sights of Crater Lake National Park and not suffer too badly running at 6000-8000 feet above sea level.


7 thoughts on “A lesson in time management

  1. Amateur runners are actually pretty bad at estimating their fitness gains/ losses over a short period of time. Case in point – all the people who miss a week of training/taper and freak out that they lost ALL – yes, ALL – of their fitness, only to go into the race and run a 700-minute PR. So yes, I WILL remind you when you come back saying the words “so out of shape”. You’re fine. Relax and enjoy your vacation!

    Crater Lake sounds awesome. I hope you have a great time. The week before vacations is always always ALWAYS stressful and hectic. You’ll get through it.

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    1. Well I’m going to end up missing two weeks of training, so that will probably turn my 700 minute PR into only a 350 minute PR. 😛

      I don’t what it is this summer, but I have felt really chill about my training. Like I was supposed to run 47 miles one week and I only ran 40? Whatever. I still managed a long run and a speed workout. I’m sure it’s enough.

      Hopefully this is the sign of a new and balanced training mentality. Or maybe just not trying to blog about every mile of every run just took some of the pressure off of myself.


      1. Maybe you are just maturing as a runner and gaining some perspective. The more experience you gain from years of running and training, the more you start to see that it’s not worth worrying over every little thing, one workout isn’t going to make or break your training, and for goodness sakes people, you are not going to lose all your fitness after two weeks off. You are probably more chill about your training because you are growing, you are gaining the wisdom and perspective that come from new experiences and a more balanced approach to life and training. When you have the luxury of being totally wrapped up in your training, it becomes easy to get into the mindset of OMG, I missed an easy run/my workout was off my goal pace by 5 sec per mile, I’M DOOMED. But when you’re forced to balance things in your life you realize that things happen, muscle memory is amazing, it’s all part of the bigger picture and even if I don’t meet my race goals, is the world going to end over it? You also start to appreciate your hard work and success more and, ironically, your start to run your best once you learn to let go. TL;DR – you’re doing great.


  2. Hey, you gotta give yourself grace. Life happens. Plus, after one of the best training weeks ever, a cutback week isn’t a bad idea, right? I hope you enjoy your vacation and you have plenty of time to train for the half. That tempo run was solid and shows that you’re well on your way!

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