Racing Weight + WIAW

You might not know this because of my utter lack of training updates this summer, but my fall goal race is just around the corner! Less than 4 weeks away! My training has been mostly good, with a bit of mid-season derailment due to my vacation, but overall I have been nailing my speed workouts and flying through my long runs without too much effort.

This year is supposed to be all about doing the work, but honestly I have been slacking off on some of the extras. I started off strong with a weekly yoga class and a push up challenge, but when I fell I had to put both of these things on hold. Bruised, swollen knees are just not conducive to doing (modified) push ups or many yoga poses. And then I got busy and put my focus into just running.

I knew that I should be doing more so I decided to take a real, honest look at my diet. I’d like to think that I was eating fairly healthy, but it more like faux healthy. Organic fruit snacks might contain real fruit juice, but let’s be honest, the first ingredient is still sugar. So I picked up the book Racing Weight, downloaded the (unofficial) app, and got to work.

The racing weight principle is fairly simple: reduce body fat, run faster. The complicated part is eating the right volume of food to properly fuel and recover from hard work outs. So foods that provide good fuel for running (whole grains, fruits, veggies, etc) are positive points, food that could cause fat gain are negative points (fried foods, sweets, etc). The points add up to give you a Diet Quality Score, which I track using the app.

Right now I am just focusing on using the process to improve my diet. I haven’t set a goal body weight/body fat goal, but I have lost a couple of pounds. Honestly it would probably be a bit more but I stopped caring on vacation. I haven’t set a points per day goal. Mostly I just open the app, realize I haven’t eaten enough vegetables for the day and make a few adjustments to my dinner plans.

In case you are wondering what a day’s worth of Racing Weight looks like as a What I Ate Wednesday:


This week I am juggling trying to work as many hours as I can while also attending multiple grad school orientation events. Classes haven’t even started yet and I am feeling overwhelmingly busy already. I’m running late this morning, so I grabbed a whole grain English muffin (+2) with natural peanut butter (+2) and a pre-made smoothie (+2) to eat at my desk.

Lunch (not pictured)

My direct supervisor is retiring this week so we took her out to lunch to celebrate! I didn’t get to stay for lunch because I had a scheduling conflict with with orientation events. I ended up grabbing a smoothie to go (mixed berries +2, almond butter and chia seeds +2, almond milk +1).

The second half of my lunch was provided at orientation. Sandwich on whole grain bread (+2), with provolone cheese (+1), vegetables (+2), and hummus. I’m not positive how to track hummus but I decided it was made from beans and therefore a protein (+2).


I ended up with a half hour break in the middle of the afternoon so I made a beeline back to my office for a snack. As promised, a cupcake (-2) from our celebratory lunch was waiting for me at my desk.

After a long day on campus I’m starving and ready for dinner. But my new running shoes were delivered and I want to run first. Decided to pair new shoes with a new Clif bar. Clif bars are typically +1, but this thing tastes like a cookie filled with Nutella and should probably be classed as a sweet (-2).


Kendall is out of state for business this week so I am on my own for dinner. I have some left over brown rice (+1) and tofu (+2) in the fridge so I pair that with as many vegetables as I can (two servings +4). I flavored my grain bowl with a bit of sriracha, soy sauce, and sesame ginger dressing. I’m probably supposed to score this, but I don’t.

More snacks

I’m unwinding from a long day with kitty cuddles and an episode of Game of Thrones and I’m still hungry. I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and a hard root beer. I have this vague memory that popcorn is treated as a whole grain (+0, for my fourth serving of the day) and the first alcoholic drink of the day is +0 (same goes for dark chocolate!).

Final Diet Quality Score: +21


10 thoughts on “Racing Weight + WIAW

  1. Your eats look really good and this is a good example of how you can eat healthy foods and not have to give up fun things you like. I like that this app has a number to target and isn’t just forbidden foods- you were even able to have a drink (and btw, those hard root beers are really, really good…). Keep us posted on how your workouts and races go with the new way of eating, too.

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    1. I might be able to stick with a plan that eliminates all “bad” foods for a month or two, but I know after my race I would go right back to my old habits. I’m hoping a plan like this that allows for flexibility will lead to long term diet improvements and racing improvements. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on how it’s going.


  2. Funny – I thought your graphic on what you ate was in order, and I’m thinking, “Wow, what a way to start the day with a hard root beer!” haha! I keep thinking I should get down to a certain weight for race day, but I’m always off by about 2 pounds. However, if I go by the weight I weight after a hot sweaty run, I’m right on track, so that’s satisfying! I’m bad about sugary treats. I don’t overindulge, but I don’t skip them!


      1. Haha, I can’t get away with something like that on a weekday! I just uploaded the pictures and let wordpress organize them for me. I’m pretty sure the nut butter filled Clif’s are new, so some stores might not have them yet. But it was quite delicious, so I hope you are able to track them down!


    1. I am usually a bit heavier than I want to be on race day as well. I’m always targeting 135 and ending up at 138. And then after the race I end up a few pounds heavier than that. I am hoping with this plan I can eat a bit more consistently and have my weight be a bit more consistent too.

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    1. With the app it is actually really simple. You just click on the category you just ate (whole grains, fruit, lean protein, sweets, etc) and it adds the correct amount of points to your daily total. If I had to memorize what foods were what point value though…Nope! Way too complicated.

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