October goals & check in

Are we seriously halfway through October?! When did that happen? I’m positive that I just finished my half marathon like a week ago.

I have not been doing a very good job at keeping my blog updated. Sorry! In addition to my new blanket excuse of “school takes up all my free time,” I have one more related excuse: I’m still blogging twice a week, just not about running. One of my classes requires blogging twice a week about in-class discussions and assigned readings plus commenting on my fellow students blogs. Finding the time and energy to write a third post each week just hasn’t happened. I’m really hoping next semester does not have any blog homework. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not work.

Since I haven’t been blogging this post is going to cover both my goals for October as well as a midway check in. When choosing goals I wanted to be sure to pick things that were achievable and wouldn’t interfere with school. With that in mind my goal was simply to run four times a week. I also wanted to stop my self from being overly invested in running, so I also added practice yoga once a week as a second goal.

So far I have been killing it in October! I ran 4 times during the first week (27.66 miles) and 5 times during the second week (34.89 miles). Even though I’m technically only 2 weeks into the month, I’ve actually had 3 yoga sessions: two yoga classes (free on Saturdays at Lululemon!) and one at home yoga video. I was hoping to go to the free yoga class this past Saturday, but it was cancelled. When I found out yoga was cancelled this week, I drove to the park for hill repeats. I definitely won’t complain about substituting a run for yoga! But I was feeling guilty later that night and ended up getting in about 45 minutes of solo practice. Look at me, I’m not a quitter!

That’s my October so far. I’m planning to keep rebuilding my mileage over the next two weeks. I’m still not settled on whether or not I will go for the birthday ultra, but if I do, I need to work on my endurance. I’m even looking forward to my next couple yoga sessions. I definitely don’t love it the way I love running, but it has been really nice to have an hour every week dedicated to just relaxing and focusing on me. Running is a great stress reliever too, but sometimes I spend the run distracted by homework or thinking about upcoming races.


8 thoughts on “October goals & check in

  1. Running 4x a week and practicing yoga are really great goals and I’m glad you’ve been able to keep up with them. I do agree it is sooo hard to practice yoga solo. Running solo I can do, same with lifting… but not yoga/stretching. I think with yoga I just need a teacher there to help with poses or demonstrate, maybe? I did just download an app and maybe that will help on days when I should get a short practice in.

    I have to blog for work and sometimes do administrative things with it since I know WordPress so well. I love blogging but I feel like if I didn’t write so much for work, I would probably do it more for fun and personal reasons.

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  2. Ohhh your program is so modern including blogging! I love that, although I’m sure it’s annoying that something you used to consider a hobby is now school work! Maybe you could tell your teacher that your run blog friends want you back so you’d like to be excused from blogging related school work? We can write a letter if that helps šŸ˜€

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  3. Oh go for the birthday ultra!! You can totally do it. Ultra running is much less serious than the roads. Training for a road marathon is SO MUCH harder than training for an ultra. I’ll let you know if after the weekend I still feel that way. haha! I can’t wait to hear what you decide.

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  4. Very interesting about the blogs being included in your school work. Back in the day we all had to meet at the library… (no, I won’t go there!). The fun thing about not really training for anything is the diversification of exercising! I have boards of workouts pinned on Pinterest of things I want to try, but never get the chance to do them during training. The only problem for me is that I find it hard to be motivated to do a workout routine at 5:30am, so running usually wins out because it’s “easier”!

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