I took a small peak at the elevation profile of the 50k. It’s a two-loop course, so I would be running this twice. That’s 3,000+ feet of elevation gain.


For comparison, here’s the elevation profile from a recent 20k run (12.4ish miles). That’s a measly 101 feet of elevation gain.


If I want to survive this race I need to start running some hills. Lots and lots of hills. And also some trails, since this would be my first trail race too. Fortunately there is a great park with trails and hills just a short drive from my house. I ran hill repeats there this spring. I ran there this summer. But I haven’t run there in about a week because a runner was recently sexually assaulted in the park and that scared me.

But the big hill in the park is almost a perfect match for elevation of that first hill in the ultra. And it is all trails. And while I don’t want to be reckless I also don’t want to be trapped at home in fear. It was a kind of terrible run. I ran without music so I could be hyper aware of my surroundings. It took several miles before I started to relax and find my rhythm. But I finished the run feeling strong and brave and looking forward to adding a few more climbs next weekend.


I should mention that I am still not 100% on this ultra marathon. Right now I am treating it as though I will be running, but I have to keep graduate school as my top priority. I’m also not interested in running myself into an injury because I tried to run an ultra without proper training. The benchmark I have set for myself is 200 miles in November. That is on par with my marathon training last year. If I can’t manage that, then I won’t register. If I do, 31 on my 31st is happening!


12 thoughts on “Brave

  1. I think you’re approaching this (potential) race really intelligently by training for it but not signing up quite yet and keeping grad school as your priority. And nice job getting out there for some hills, even with the recent assault in the park. That would scare me too!

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  2. I say go for it, what the he’ll…lol totally kidding. I think your training very smart. I wanted to jump into the 50k a couple months back, I decided for a race later in the year to give myself a proper training cycle. Its been the best thing ever. Can’t wait to see how your training progresses.

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