Hello again

I’m done with my first semester of grad school! Still waiting for final grades, but I’m pretty nerdy so I’m not particularly worried.

Since Thanksgiving running has rarely been part of my routine. And I’m okay with that. I think the last time I ran was over a week ago. I honestly can’t remember. Running will always be a part of my life, but school needed to take priority. Even without running I have managed to squeeze in a  little exercise here and there. Yoga has been my go-to since it doesn’t require going out in the snow and it is a lot easier to roll out the mat for a 20 minute study break than it is to bundle up, run, shower and lose at least an hour of precious study time.

I’d like to start running again soon. I’m not too worried about any losses in fitness as I have ZERO races on my calendar, but I do enjoy running and am starting to miss it. I’m just not sure how to proceed. I do best with a training plan to follow (even if it is just as simple as the number of easy miles to run on any given day), but I don’t want to start crafting a training plan only to discover that a few weeks into it school gets in the way. To be honest I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it because my brain has been filled with other fun stuff like “contextual inquiry” and “assessment of learning in academic libraries.” I’m sure I’ll come up with a plan soon.

I’d also really like to get a posting schedule worked out because I really miss interacting with you all. Again I’m hesitant to commit when I’m not exactly sure what my free time will look like in January. But I’m here now! So please say “Hi” and let me know what you’ve been up to lately!


7 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Have you considered trying morning running? I’m not really one to talk since I struggle with it as well, but if you really want it in your life maybe it would be worth suffering through a few early wake-ups a week to have some conflict-free time when you’ll never have to worry about fussing with your schedule to squeeze in runs.

    I was just reading an article on Runner’s World from a “time management expert” (didn’t know such things existed), and she was recommending that people who struggle with time management spend an entire week keeping a detailed log of how they spend their time – like, by the half hour. I guess when people do this (and do it honestly), they end up surprised to find that the way they spend their time doesn’t actually jive with the story they tell themselves about how busy they are. Not to say that you aren’t busy, but maybe it would be helpful to find some gaps you might not have noticed before. I’m thinking of trying it myself.


    1. I had a somewhat successful string of morning runs over the summer. It was just once a week for speed work. I will probably aim for that again this summer and try to keep it going through the fall. I’m still not sure what my winter/spring plan is going to be.

      I really liked that RW article on time management. I need to try the log and find out where I am wasting time.


  2. hi! good to see you back and you survived the first semester of school! congrats!!!!
    I’m sure you will fit in more running/exercise when you see the gaps.
    when your spring school schedule is finalized maybe you will be able to pick right back up with running? I don’t forsee you ever just not doing anything active. (If yoga is all you can squeeze in, then that’s just fine)! But I agree,i think having a plan to follow makes it easier to fit everything into a busy schedule!
    hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy the holiday break!


  3. Hellp, thanks for dropping us a line. I say just run when you can, no plan, just get out and run. I like to go through a period of running adventures when I have no plan. Visit some well know peaks, some trails I don’t get to run that often. The lack of a plan let’s me have a whole lot of flexibility.

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  4. Congrats on finishing that first semester! I think winter running is a great time to have just a good base mileage going on. One thing that might work for you is to have an open ended “plan.” For some of my clients who are super busy we do things like 3-5 miles, 7-10 miles. That way if you fall short, it isn’t a failure because you can hit that low end and be okay.


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