Hello 2017

Happy New Year blog world! 

I’m happy to say that I’m starting the new year feeling well rested and super committed to running and blogging…of course classes resume on Friday so I doubt this feeling will last too much longer. I’m trying to refrain from making sweeping proclamations like “Two blog posts a week!” until I see a course syllabus. 

I ended 2016 feeling great. A week off of work gave me plenty of time to binge watch a season of Game of Thrones (still a season behind, no spoilers please!), do some serious cleaning and organizing around the house, and even run a few miles. Oh and have I mentioned practicing yoga? I’ve been going to the weekly free class that Lululemon offers and have tried hot yoga TWICE. I love it so much that I even bought a package of classes so I can keep going. 

I’m still finalizing my goals for 2017 (expect that post on Saturday–my birthday!). One thing that is pretty crazy is that this might be the first year in a loooong time that has not included a goal race. Seriously, who am I?


12 thoughts on “Hello 2017

      1. Very true! As someone who is, essentially, spending 10 months working toward a marathon, I’m interested to see how you similarly take a long term approach to your January 2018 marathon (it is the marathon, right – the Disney one on your bday?)

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      2. Yep! January 7, 2018! I haven’t thought too far ahead, yet, but the first 8 weeks of the year are going to be all easy miles just to start getting back in shape. I’ll probably keep breaking the time up in 8-12 week periods to make a year of training not actually feel like a year of training (…if that makes sense).


  1. Happy early birthday!!

    Nothing wrong with a year without goal races. You have important life events going on that are much more important. Races will always be there.

    Look forward to seeing your goals for 2017.


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