What’s new: January 2017

After months of minimal posting I feel like there are about a million things new in my life that I haven’t overshared on the internet. And thanks to Gretchen’s reminder yesterday, I finally remembered to hop in on this link up.

Hot Yoga

In November I discovered that I could not even touch my toes in a forward fold. Ooof. So I started going back to the free yoga class at Lululemon. One of my first weeks back the instructor was Kara from Center for Yoga. I LOVED her class. LOVED! And I previously would have described my interest in yoga as something I can tolerate. I was able to score two free classes at Center for Yoga and then discovered that Kara usually teaches hot yoga.

So I tried hot yoga. And I loved it too! So I bought a Groupon and will be aiming to go to hot yoga every Tuesday at 5.

I’ve already improved quite a bit, which means I’m still terrible, but perhaps slightly less so. I can totally touch my toes now and when properly warmed up I can even get my palms on the floor. My next goals are to work on getting my heels to the mat in down dog and finding my balance in crow pose.


I’ve lived a 95% caffeine free life for quite a few years. But for whatever reason this summer I started drinking iced coffee once in a while. And, like all good addictions, it soon became a daily habit. I bought the large premade jugs from the grocery store because I was sure it was a passing craving not worthy of buying a coffee maker.

Alas, winter is here and it is too cold for iced coffee. So I bought this Aeropress. Now I make a delicious hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning and take it to work in my Swell bottle (seriously, best bottle ever!). I’m definitely a coffee newb, so tell me your favorite brand of coffee so I can explore some new options.


Last year I turned 30 and decided it was time to be a little more proactive on my anti-aging routine. I was also inspired by Kristina to make the switch to cruelty-free skin care and makeup. I’m still using up a few cruel brands I had previously purchased, but all of my recommendations here are cruelty free.

I’m still working on perfecting my routine, but these products are here to stay. I used to have constantly dry skin with a fair amount of redness in my cheeks and some texture issues on my forehead. I would now describe my skin as normal. I still have some redness, but the texture has really improved. I’m even looking to switch to a lighter coverage foundation because I no longer feel like I need full coverage.

Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar*: a mild cleanser which I use in either the AM and PM or just at night (like I said, still haven’t perfected my routine). I wasn’t sure about switching to a bar soap, but it is actually really convenient when traveling since it can’t leak. I started using this in June and have at least half a bar left. So although $28 for a soap seems expensive, I expect the bar to last a full year.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream: a moisturizer which I currently use twice daily. In the summer I only used it once a day, but the cold winter air is really harsh on my skin. Again, it is expensive, but a little goes a long way. I use about a pea size amount for my entire face. I started using it in June and still have a few days worth of product left (and have already purchased my next one!).

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum: a skincare treatment applied every other night to improve sun damage, dryness, and most importantly signs of aging. I started using this in September and it has helped the most improving the appearance of my skin. It is like magic, I love the way it makes my skin look when I wake up in the morning. I’ve only been using it since September so I am not sure how long a bottle will last. It is painfully expensive so I will only be purchasing when I can find a discount.

*I’ve linked to the Beautypedia review of each product because I thought you might want to learn more about the ingredients in each product and places trying to sell you something aren’t the best source for a non-biased opinion. If you are interested, Drunk Elephant can be purchased at Sephora, Dermstore, or direct from Drunk Elephant.


9 thoughts on “What’s new: January 2017

  1. i totally can’t touch my toes in forward fold, so you go girl! i used to do hot yoga – it’s what i first did actually, many moons ago, and loved it!
    i am trying to stick with a skincare routine now as well, nearing 30 lol, and i am also trying to move to all cruelty free products. i am interested in the night serum.. so far i’e only been using all the skincare i bought for a month and haven’t noticed any crazy differences, though i don’t know if i have any crazy issues. redness, dark circles and a few lines.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Depending on what types of products you are trying, especially anti-aging ones, it isn’t unheard of for it to take several weeks before you start seeing results. So they might just need a little more time. On the other hand, some brands make really elaborate claims about their active ingredients, when they really are just nonsense. Beautypedia is a really great source for learning what ingredients will actually treat issues (and you can filter results to see only cruelty free options!).


  2. I love hot yoga but my gym is already so expensive, I can’t justify an added luxury, lol!

    I’m giving up soda (my caffeine addiction) while I BQ train and I’m struggling 5 days in, jaja!!! I could never leave coffee though and I have a feeling my intake will increase this year lol!

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  3. I love hot yoga! I used to go all the time but it got too expensive. I saw HUGE improvements after I went though so I’m sure you’ll love it. Enjoy the Groupon while you have it! I’ve heard great thinks about Drunk Elephant so I cant wait to see how it goes. I stopped wearing makeup completely about 10 months ago and my skin completely cleared up! I guess it was the makeup irritating it so I’m sure yours will continue to get better.

    I’m so glad you joined the link up 🙂


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