2017: Want It Every Day

A few years ago I started the new year with three goals:

  • Run 1000 miles
  • Sub 1:45 half marathon
  • Run my first marathon

I finished the year with 963 miles, a half marathon PR of 1:46, and a torn calf muscle that forced me to defer my marathon. It was an amazing year of running (well, except the injury) but I felt so frustrated and so disappointed. When it came to setting goals for the next year, I stayed away from numbers and told myself, nearly daily, to “run more and don’t get injured.” I loved it and it has become my new goal setting strategy.

I still have some time related goals, but they now tend to be huge multi-year goals. Goals that will take multiple training seasons to accomplish. I also set race goals throughout the year, but these are based on how my paces and mileage are going in training, not on an arbitrary number chosen January first.

Which leads me to my mantra/goal for 2017: want it every day.

I was hoping to structure 2017 with a spring half marathon and spend fall preparing for marathon #2. But I can not get any of the local halves to work with my schedule. March is too early and the June one conflicts with a friend’s wedding. I also am not in great shape right now, so a lot would come down to how quickly I can bounce back from running a measly 28 miles in December (less than my usual weekly average, ha!).

With no major races on the horizon and a new semester already under way, it would be easy to lose sight of my long term goals. That is what happened this fall. A few months of cutting back is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t want the next four years to turn into a major break from running. I could spend the spring focused on shorter races, but I need to be focused on building endurance not speed because…

Marathon #1

The second part of my year is going to be focused on preparing for marathon #2 (Disney World Marathon. Birthday Marathon. One year away. January 7, 2018). I want to be ready to PR. And if all goes well, I hope to be ready to BQ (and make the registration cut off). Which is why for the next year I will be reminding myself daily that if I want to crush my huge running goals, I’m going to need to want them every single day.


13 thoughts on “2017: Want It Every Day

  1. I love this post (and the new blog look, btw). I got the TrackSmith “No Days Off” calendar and am Xing them off too. It’s not necessarily a run streak, but the goal is moderation- to be able to cross off every day and say that you did something to benefit your running goals that day (sometimes maybe not running but doing yoga instead benefits those goals). I definitely think you have the PRs and the BQ in you with training hard and staying uninjured. Honestly, I think all runners have the capability to improve a lot if they are consistent and being injury-free is a big part of that. You’ve got this 🙂 🙂 :).


  2. What a great reminder to have! It definitely gets tough in the thick of training to remember why the heck you are doing this. I love the idea of shifting the focus away from specific time goals. I got sucked into that for my first two marathons and looking back I really don’t want to be disappointed at the end of a race (especially if it’s still a PB) if I didn’t hit specific time goals I set for myself.

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  3. I agree with Amy here—
    its a great idea to have daily reminders! (I cant even wrap my head around 26.miles so I would need constant, hourly reminders,lol!)
    As long as you are doing something constructive every day to work towards your goal, then you are making progress in some form or fashion.
    Heres to a great week and a great year!
    you got this!!!!!

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  4. What a great attitude. Being injured can be so frustrating and make us give up on our goals. Having a distant goal and a focus is great. Your positive outlook and ability to make changes when life throws you lemons (or hurdles) will make you a stronger runner for sure!

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  5. Arghh I feel your pain, having a major injury like that get in the way your goals. I believe that your patience and persistence will be rewarded — a year is a a long time to improve!

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