January Review

I am very happy to be saying good-bye to January (even though February is my least favorite month). I am now one month closer to the end of the semester, warmer weather, and my very distant, January 2018 marathon.

I am very happy with how this month came together. December provided a needed break from running, but with each week that passes I am starting to remember why I love running and rediscover the spark that gets me out the door.


Runs: 17

Distance: 75.27 miles

Longest run: 8 miles (x2)

My first 8 mile run was a major struggle. I was still working on cutting out walking breaks. My confidence was nonexistent. I was ready to quit after just 5 miles, but I accepted my slowing paces and pushed through. My second 8 mile run was a completely different story. I felt stronger and ran faster as the run progressed. I know I am still not out of the woods in regards to rebuilding my fitness and expect to have quite a few painful runs ahead of me, but it was really nice to find a spark of confidence and the inspiration to keep at it.

Yoga classes: 8 [4 regular, 4 hot]

I’m very happy with how yoga has been going. I am also noticing a greater awareness of my posture when I am sitting and when I am running. Plus I can tell that I have built some core strength and upper body strength. Don’t confuse this with actually being strong! I am still definitely a wimp, but maybe slightly less wimpy these days.

My new mat (Lululemon 3mm) has only been used for one hot yoga session, but I did not slip all over the place like I did on my cheapo mat! Hallelujah! Looking forward to continuing to test its abilities to withstand sweat at tonight’s hot vinyasa class.



10 thoughts on “January Review

  1. So glad to hear that you’re getting back in the swing of things and finding that running spark again! Running has been going similarly for me in January (lol do I even need to say that anymore?) – I haven’t struggled through any runs but I’ve had my schedule thrown off more than a few times and I didn’t get nearly as many miles in as I would have liked. I’m really excited for February (WHO SAYS THINGS LIKE THIS) so I can get into more of a routine with hopefully no more breaks in schedule. Even though I have 6 weeks until my half marathon to get miles in, I’m still worried I’m going to be ridiculously undertrained. Worrying whether or not I can complete 13.1 miles is definitely a new feeling for me!

    So glad you’re enjoying yoga! Do you hope to continue practicing at the same rate once your training amps up?


    1. Yes and no. I’m kind of thinking of the next year in three major chunks: now-end of semester, summer, and fall semester. The start of fall semester will coincide with the start of my actual training cycle. I plan to keep up with two yoga classes/week until the start of fall semester. I’ll be upping my mileage between now and then, but I should have a lot of extra free time this summer to do both activities!


  2. Hooray for getting back in the swing of running AND for doing yoga. Yoga has really transformed my running and made me feel so much tougher. That may seem odd, but I feel like doing it will help me stay injury-free as I build my mileage. I’ve only been in the Lululemon store like twice because I’m too poor to shop there but I’ve heard the mats are a great investment if you do yoga a lot. You really can’t beat a quality mat for yoga, it’s like running shoes :).

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  3. 2018 marathon does sound so far away… but I know it creeps up fast and soon it will be like “holy crap, only 4 more weeks to go!”. It was my first speed workout today for half training. I had to run 26 mins at my half marathon pace. I thought I was going to die, and had to step off my treadmill to rest several times!! So humbling. I have a lot of work to do this cycle! I’m glad to see you are getting into the swing of things!

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