Birthday Marathon: Registered!

I was able to make it official today and am officially registered for the 25th Walt Disney World Marathon on January 7, 2018 (aka my 32nd birthday)! YES!


My sister registered for the half marathon the day before the marathon, so it is going to be a pretty epic weekend all around. Registration is still open, so come celebrate my birthday and run with us!

Yoga last night tied very well with my goal for the year (want it every day) and having just registered for a huge goal race. As Kara led the class she talked about setting goals and then working toward that goal every single day. I felt amazing after class and I feel so motivated to chase after my big scary marathon goal of qualifying for Boston.

It is still far too soon to know if BQ is a realistic goal, but my motivation to build my foundation of base miles and healthy eating has spiked. Which is excellent because my New Year motivation was definitely dwindling and the February doldrums were taking hold. Now I just need this feeling to last for the next 326 days.


12 thoughts on “Birthday Marathon: Registered!

  1. That’s so exciting!!! Love that “I just wanna race” feeling 🙂 Boston marathon is on my birthday again in 2020, so I really want to qualify again for that day. That would be so cool (especially if it doesn’t rain the whole race again. haha!!).
    Disney sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday – especially with your sister!! woot!!

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  2. Yay!! So exciting!! Congrats on being “official”! It’s amazing how motivating it can be to simply click a button and empty your wallet ;-).

    I think a BQ is yours to lose. You’ve got the speed and the athleticism, now the only thing left is some good distance-specific training, and it’s in the bag for you, I think! It would be so cool if we could run Boston 2019 together, but I have serious reservations about sub-3:35 being realistic for me this fall.

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    1. Thanks Hanna! I don’t have quite that much confidence just yet, but thankfully there is so much time ahead of me to focus on endurance. And, for what it’s worth, I absolutely think you are capable of 3:35 this fall. It is only 10 minutes to shave off your PR and Chicago will be a much easier course than Pittsburgh.


  3. So awesome. I think a BQ can happen with continued training. In shooting for mine in early 2018 which means id be running Boston in 2019. Gotta put in the work.

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