Change of heart

Yoga has been my number one, most preferred workout since late November. Which was strange because in the past I would not have hesitated to tell you that I hate yoga. Plus why bother with yoga when I could go for a run?

Last semester I found myself wanting to spend more time on the mat and less time in running shoes. Actually that might be an understatement. I had no love for running. I had zero drive to train. I knew, eventually, I’d sign up for another race and start thinking about my next PR, but right then I needed a distraction from the stress and workload of graduate school. Stressing about losing my endurance/speed was not it.

Recycled photo but I did wear that shirt with black shorts and those shoes on Saturday.

Which is why it was so surprising to wake up on Saturday, decide to skip yoga and go for a long run instead. In a perfect world this would have been 12 effortless, amazing miles, but in reality I spent the first 6 miles working through stiff, uncooperative muscles and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I signed up for a marathon. I was also convinced that a half marathon in five weeks would be a disaster.

In retrospect I can see why this was a difficult run. I had just finished a very stressful week of school (basically I failed an assignment, was given the opportunity to redo the assignment, but the redo AND a second assignment for that class were both due on Friday). Earlier that day I had tried to do some XML/metadata homework for my other class, and after staring at it for half an hour I just gave up. My brain was fried, and it turns out that mental fatigue negatively affects physical performance.

There is still a lot of stress ahead of me this semester so I’m sure I’ll reach a point where I’m ready to throw in the towel on running, but it was so nice to feel like my old self this weekend.


9 thoughts on “Change of heart

  1. Awesome! It was super nice this weekend and I was surprised about how a simple spike in temperature could affect my motivation to run. Although it actually had the opposite affect for me – the sun was beating down on me and there was no breeze, I was so hot and thirsty I couldn’t finish my moderate-tempo miles and had to take the rest of the run easy. In FEBRUARY! Go figure.

    Anyway, that’s life: changes of heart come and go and we never know when they’ll show up . Just gotta go with the flow! Running motivation comes in ebbs and flows but when you love the sport, it is never gone forever.

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  2. So sorry about the stress of grad school and that it affected your running. We are not fragmented people, so no matter how hard we may try to not let things like that get to us when we run or work out, it definitely can. Also, if you got through 12 miles, you will get through the half! Once you get into the swing of running again it will feel much better- don’t let a rough run go to your heart.

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  3. I can relate to this so much. I went through my hating run period last year and also dove right into yoga. Now I’m balancing them and found my motivation again! Sounds like this can be a great stress reliever for you, and hopefully won’t add to your stress. Good luck getting all your work done..if anyone can do it I know you can πŸ™‚

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  4. Mental fatigue is a thing and it’s brutal in graduate school. I actually had to drop from a full to a half my first year of grad school because of it. But in the end, you’ll still be a runner after you get that degree.
    As for a half, if you can do 12 miles, you can do the half! And after getting those cobwebs out, it’s easier.

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  5. Aww man I’m sorry to hear that school has been causing a lot of stress lately. I’ve been right there with you in that my load at work has gotten progressively bigger since the beginning of the year and I am mentally (and physically) exhausted too. I’m already looking forward to vacation and it’s only February – uh oh!

    When is your spring break? I hope it’s soon so that you have a break to look forward to!

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