Training 2/20-2/26

Nine weeks ago I started rebuilding my running fitness. Last week actually looks like a week of training (yes!), so I thought I would share a quick recap.

Monday: 4.03 miles / 9:49 pace

This was my shortest and slowest run of the week. My calves were still very tight from my long run on Saturday so I tried to make this as easy as possible.

Tuesday: 60 minutes / hot vinyasa

Easily my sweatiest workout of the week and quite possibly my hardest workout of the week. This class was extra hot and sweaty this week because the outside temperature was messing with things.

Wednesday: 6.12 miles / 9:33 pace

At first I thought I would aim for 5 miles. Then I realized how tired I felt, and decided I’d be happy just getting through four. And then I started running, felt amazing, and pushed it up to six.

Thursday: rest

Rest day is best day. Especially when your husband makes cookies while you work late and go to study groups.

Friday: 5.05 miles / 9:22 pace

I spent all day looking forward to my run until a nasty thunderstorm rolled in about 30 minutes before I left work. I don’t mind running in the rain, but this storm was calling for lightning, hail, and possibly tornadoes. I sulked on the drive home.

Fortunately, arriving home coincided with a break in the storm and I headed out for as many miles as I could manage before the second round hit. I stayed within a mile of my house in case it got bad, but I managed 5 dry miles.

Saturday: 50 minutes / yoga & 5.02 miles / 9:13 pace

Double. Yoga in the morning with a mid-afternoon run. Yoga was not my favorite type of class, but it is free so I take what I can get! The run had similar feelings of “bleh.” After a week of 50+ degrees and wearing shorts, it was back down to the 20s and snowing.

Sunday: 12.05 miles / 9:02 pace

After last week’s 12 miler feeling like crap, I had low expectations for this run. Fortunately things felt better this week, not great, but definitely better. I started slow and then picked up the pace for the second half of the run. I needed a bathroom break during mile 8 which really interrupted the flow I had going. I headed out into a direct headwind and my sweaty clothes now felt cold and wet. I fought the headwind for the remainder of the run.

Totals: 32.27 miles, 110 minutes yoga

This was a good week for me. 5 runs. 2 days of cross training. A double. Aside from tight calves on Monday, nothing feels off or twinge-y. During my long run I realized I could have managed an extra 1.1 miles fast enough to finish a half marathon under 2 hours with relative ease. While I’m not feeling PR ready by any means, I do feel ready to tackle a half marathon.


I still have four weeks to continue building endurance and testing out my speed so I’m not quite ready to talk goals, but I am registered!


9 thoughts on “Training 2/20-2/26

  1. Hooray for being registered for the race and working your way back. You had some good mileage and looks like great cross training with all the yoga. I didn’t do yoga at all last week and need to get back ASAP… I don’t like skipping yoga even though I did a lot of other cross training last week, obviously, since I can’t run. Yoga just seems to center me mentally.

    You have some time until the half and I bet you will build up some speed as you get back into consistent training and workouts. Keep it up :).

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  2. I’m guessing you’re not one of those runners who has to end their mileage in a whole number eh? Lol that would drive me nuts! You did great and I’m glad you didnt get swept up in the tornado 🙂

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    1. I ran with out a GPS watch for so long during which I always tried to run slightly over my distance in case I had measured it wrong. That habit just kind of stuck. I think of it as practice for when I miss tangents during a race and have to run slightly longer than anticipated.


  3. What a great week!!! Such a good balance and I am LOVING seeing all of the yoga. It looks a really good balance and you are doing a great job of building up your running fitness again. You will be ready for Disney before you know it!!!!!

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