February Review

February. In terms of fitness, not awful at all. In terms of stress, yes very much. But I’m working hard and have made it to the halfway point of the semester. Also: 10 months to birthday marathon.

I haven’t been very diligent in taking photos for the blog, so I though I would share a couple from my first/only 26.2. First photo is 7 miles in and loving life. Second is 21.5 miles in and questioning the decisions that brought me to that moment. Also chanting to myself “never again. never again. never again.” Oops. I guess I’m doing this again.

Runs: 21

Distance: 121.75 miles

Longest run: 12 miles (x2)

Very, very happy with the increases I’ve managed since January. The month was 3 days shorter, but I still managed to squeeze in 4 more runs than I did in January. Distance saw even greater improvement. In January I ran just over 75 miles. I increased that by 62% (an additional 46 miles!!) in February. I normally would not advise such a drastic increase in mileage, but I am not starting from scratch. My February mileage is on par with my monthly average from 2016.

Apart from two fast finish long runs, this has been all easy miles. I’ve had some difficult days, but overall runs are feeling easier. I’m doing my best to stay patient and trust the benefits of easy mileage. Which is fairly easy for me to do since I ran my half marathon PR on almost exclusively easy miles–just a much higher volume since it was during marathon training.

Yoga Classes: 6 [3 regular, 3 hot]

I skipped one regular class by choice, but I guess that is to be expect when you actually love running. I also missed this week’s hot yoga class because my studio is closed for spring break (I ran last night instead! Yay running!).

March Plans

I want to keep my long runs at 12 miles, which will give me a total of five 12 mile runs before my half marathon. I will probably throw a few fast miles at the end of those long runs. I plan to add some miles to my midweek runs and I’ll be aiming for 150 miles for the month.

The real highlight of the month will be a half marathon on March 26. With each week of training, I am feeling more and more confident about this race. Goals for the race are starting to emerge, but I still need another few weeks to solidify my plan.

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16 thoughts on “February Review

  1. I think you had a great month! 12 miles is plenty for half marathon training- in fact, I think running much more than that is overrated because it seems to just make me tired and more injury prone. Plus, you are running and doing yoga other days, and it all adds up in the end. I hope March is a wonderful month for you and you have a great time running the half!

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    1. Thanks Amy! I initially thought about trying for one or two 14 milers (all my half PRs have been during marathon training so I was running well beyond the standard 12 mile long run), but I decided it was too much of an injury risk. It made the majority of my weekly miles come from just one run, I think/hope boosting my midweek mileage is a smarter move.


  2. Wow you ran a LOT this month – that averages out to over 5 days a week!! I don’t even think I’ll run that often when I’m marathon training. Great work – Glad to see you’re getting your momentum back!

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    1. Thanks Hanna! I’m only running 5/week, but since yoga was canceled on the last of the month I added a run which skewed the numbers (I’ll be taking an extra rest day this weekend). It definitely feels really good to be back in the swing of things.


  3. wow, you go girl! that’s awesome doing so much more in a shorter month. i really need to get my running self back in gear, i have a half marathon in april and i am 0% prepared. it’s not gonna be pretty. i definitely do the ‘never again. never again’ chant during races, though i’ve never done more than a half πŸ™‚

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  4. Great month! And I know what you mean about swearing off marathons…and then signing up for one. Us runners are really messed up sometimes… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking up! I hope that March is less stressful but just as good fitness-wise!

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  5. Very impressive month! I love that you have been focusing on easy miles. So many runners get hung up on their pace and worry too much about that, especially on long training runs. Easy running is where you are gaining the most benefits. Smart training! Excited to hear about your half!

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  6. With that kind of preparation, you will ace the test! I did not know how many training miles are behind the scenes. It is just like a gym routine, the cardio base must be built first. Exactly like your mileage! But I wonder if once you reach it, it is static or you can increase it? For example, I do 20 pushups the first day. Then, 22, 24, the next days and I come back 22 and 20. Or is it better to work 20, 22, 24, 26 and 20 the last day of the week?


  7. I agree, 12 mile long runs is certainly just fine for a half, as long as you’re getting sufficient volume in overall. (And I do think it’s often surprising how much you can improve at long-ish distances only only easy aerobic mileage, since most of us probably don’t do enough of that anyway.) Good luck! with your race!


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