I’ve been amassing a collection of partially written posts over the past week while I try to work out exactly what I want to say about what has been going on with running, school, and life lately. I think it is easiest to just get right to the point.


I missed a lot of runs during the second week of March. It was a weird week to begin with because my sister and niece were visiting for the first half of the week. The second half of the week was almost completely derailed due to weather (extreme high winds, up to 68 mph!), health issues (not injured! more details in Life), and school stress (always present these days). I was 3 miles into a 12 mile long run when I reached my breaking point and ended up crying while I walked home. Took the rest of the day to be extra kind to myself and reminded myself that one bad week does not define me as a runner.

This week is off to a decent start πŸ™‚


Counting it down: each class has 5 more sessions.

In a surprising twist, I’m doing best in my class that has the hardest subject matter. Look at me, reading XML and understanding URIs and stuff! My other class: please don’t even make me think about it; it does nothing but stress me out.


The health issue I mentioned. My skin, which has typically been smooth with just a hint of redness, has completely revolted. I’ve always attributed the redness to the fact that I have very, very sensitive skin. In this picture I am wearing only sunscreen and my skin looks perfect.


After some trial and error over the past month or so I realized it was time to see a doctor, who confirmed my suspicion that I now have rosacea. A lifelong condition which will cause redness and rough texture on my face when triggered. Right now, mine is being triggered by running (exercise is a very common trigger). I’m crossing my fingers that the actual trigger is really the cold/dry air/wind and not the exercise. But in short, every time I go for a run, my skin gets worse. I obviously don’t want to stop running, but it is killing my self-esteem to look in the mirror and see a red splotchy mess. So now while I run all I can think about is the damage that I am causing to my poor skin, which kills my desire to run and is exactly how I ended up walking home on Sunday.

Realistically I know with the right skincare and the right medication I should be able to keep running AND have decent skin. I also know that I am my biggest critic and the redness/bumpiness is not as bad as I perceive it. But knowing these things does not change the fact that this is a major source of stress for me. I’m doing my best to be flexible with my training based on my stress levels and in general, focusing on being kind to myself.


10 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Hey- just a heads up, you won the ZippyBites giveaway and I emailed the email address you commented with, but haven’t heard back. Please get me your address and other contact info as soon as possible (so I don’t have to pick someone else!)


  2. Hey Heather! I know exactly what it is to reach a breaking point at a long run and walk back home crying. I was about to tell you that those runs won’t define us as runners but you mentioned it right after.
    In regards of your skin, I started suffering from very bad acne this year and all I had to do was stop consuming dairy. The reason why I did it was because I also started suffering from GERD, and never imagined one thing was connected to the other. Anyways, I just wanted to suggest you to check on holistic medicine (not to replace your traditional medicine treatment) but to see if there’s something that you’re eating that could trigger your issue. I really hope that everything gets better and that you don’t have to stop/reduce your running!

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    1. Thanks Nathaly! I’m glad to hear that cutting dairy fixed your acne. There are quite a few foods that are common triggers for rosacea so I plan on checking those out too. Not running is really not an option (and fortunately my Dr. agrees!) so hopefully I’ll find the right combination of diet/skincare/medicine to get me back to clear skin.


  3. Im sorry the rosacia is causing you stress 😦 that is definitely no fun but im glad you are getting professional help so you can manage it. nobody likes a hit to the self esteem (hello 30 year old with acne…me :P) Im glad you took some time for yourself though, thats really imporant our bodies need a lot of love πŸ˜€

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  4. The worst thing ever is starting a run and having to walk back home or walk a bunch of the miles. It feels like a real walk of shame, but just know that it happens to everyone. It has happened to me several times in the last few months as I deal with injuries. It makes the good runs really feel worth it, if that’s any consolation, but I’ll admit walking back still feels like sh*t when it happens and no words can make that better.

    Good luck with the skin issues- I’m glad you’re seeing a derm who will hopefully help keep it under control. You did the right thing by taking the time off and going to the doc. Running is awesome but in the end, we want to be healthy people all around too.

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  5. Sorry about the skin issues. Being a poster child for why you should have worn sunscreen as a youth, I get it. I have never worn foundation, and probably never will, so flawless skin is something I’ll never have. It makes me a bit self conscious every now and then too. Hopefully you will find the combo that works for your skin. When we were skiing in Colorado my skin was soooooo irritated from wind burn (and dryness). I was suffering without my normal array of products (couldn’t pack it all). Glad to be reunited with it!


  6. I’m sorry to hear about your skin 😦 I suffered a bad allergic reaction during a run a couple of years ago that ended up being caused by…running!! Who woulda thought?? It’s called exercise induced anaphylaxis and it doesn’t happen every time I run, but it has happened a few times.I’ve stopped being scared of having a reaction when I run though. I can feel it when it starts and that’s when I stop. I love running too much to stop completely, lol!!

    I hope you find a medication that works for you so you can continue running! ❀


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