Training Talk

I was a little over zealous during my first week of freedom and found myself dealing with some pain and discomfort in my IT band at the start of the second week. Lesson learned. I took several days off last week and will attempt to show a little more restraint going forward.

Since I couldn’t run I made sure to spend plenty of time thinking about running and how I should structure the next 8 months. I’ve looked at marathon training plans, I’ve looked at half marathon training plans, and I’ve looked at base building plans. I’ve even considered just winging it for the next four months, but I like having a plan.

I will be dividing my training into four training blocks.

  • Block 1: 10 weeks of base building, Pfitzinger plan
  • Block 2: 9 weeks of half marathon training, TBD
  • Block 3: 2 weeks to rest, recover, and reset
  • Block 4: 14 weeks of marathon training, Pfitzinger plan

But before I get started on my marathon build up, I have a 5k coming up in just two weeks. I don’t have any time goals in mind, but it would be nice to be around 21-22 minutes. I don’t know if that is possible given how poorly my April 5k went [24:37, which I realize is not a slow race at all, but it is not on par with my paces from 2016].

Other races I am planning this year include a half marathon at the end of Block 2 and I’m considering a 25k trail race in August. I’m not the greatest at trails though, so I’m hesitant to commit. Oh and I finally made it back to yoga last night and it felt so good. I will definitely be including yoga in my training this summer.


One thought on “Training Talk

  1. I love yoga as well and am having fun integrating it into my training. It’s been great for recovery, too. I think you have a great plan going into marathon training and hopefully you can stay injury-free and build a solid base. I’ve spent the past few weeks just building up my mileage too because I know it’s not smart to jump into hard workouts right away. You still have a LOT of fitness and will get there with time, just be patient. Your body’s done this before and you can do it again.


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