Into the woods

Every run last week was battling heavy, tired legs. Nothing felt easy. Nothing clicked. I had all but cancelled Sunday’s long run when someone posted in the Ann Arbor Runners Facebook group that they were organizing a trail run on Sunday. A change of scenery sounded like a good idea so Sunday morning found me heading out of town and into the woods.

Best idea I’ve had in weeks. While I still had some heaviness in my legs, the slower pace necessitated by the terrain and the conversation kept the run from feeling like work.

trail map

As you can see in the Garmin screenshot, at just shy of 8 miles it wasn’t a particularly long run and at 11:32 pace, it wasn’t a particularly fast run. But there were plenty of small hills to keep things interesting and the trail wound around lakes, through the trees, and over some waterways. Definitely enough scenery to take my mind off of my legs. Next time I’ll take a camera so I can share something more exciting than a Garmin map.

We ran just a small portion of the trails available. The guys I ran with pointed out options for running anywhere between 5 and 17 mile loops. Or if I don’t mind doing an out-and-back trail, there is a 36 mile long point-to-point trail. So many options.

My new goal for the summer is to run here once a week (seems like a good idea since I am considering a trail race in August). I’ve already printed a map so I hopefully won’t get lost.


5 thoughts on “Into the woods

  1. I think it’s awesome you got out for a run and change of scenery. Sometimes that’s just what you need to break up the monotony. I run 6 days a week and try to vary the routes and paces and running groups and it helps a LOT. You don’t get bored running that way. Plus trails keep you on your toes with looking out for roots and branches, and they work other muscles in your legs (stabilizer muscles) so it’s almost like strength training you don’t get on the roads. You’ll be a stronger runner all around from it!


    1. I’m definitely hoping that this leads to some stronger muscles. A lot of the routes I run are FLAT so I feel like I am getting a lot out of a trail run with the hills and navigating roots/rocks/branches. It is a workout without the pressure to hit certain paces, which is perfect for my base building block.


  2. I would love to run in a place like that. I get very tired of running in the same places at times. Even at my local park, I try to alternate between the track and the trails so that I keep things more fun. And almost 8 miles will be considered a long run for me! Actually, I don’t run 8 miles since last year. Hopefully that will change soon:)


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