5k #20: Shanty 2 Short’s 2017


Race: Shanty 2 Short’s 5k

Date: May 13, 2017

Finish: 20:42


Last year, I was chasing both a PR and a top finishing place, so I had no problem taking the lead from the start. This year I knew I was not going after a PR, but I still wanted to race. My plan was to let someone else set the pace for the first few miles and, if I managed to hang on, try to out kick them in the last half mile.

Most runners stayed in the lodge to avoid the pre-race rain, but a handful of runners were outside warming up. I saw one other woman warming up and made mental note of her bib number (#17), knowing I would need to keep an eye on her.


Photo: JRD Photo & Video Productions LLC, http://www.jrdphotoandvideo.com/

When the race started I found myself in second place to a young girl. I suspected that she was starting too fast and would end up fading so I let her go. I slowed slightly looking for #17 then locked on to her pace as she sailed by, settling into third place. A few minutes later we passed the young girl, moving into first and second place. The first mile clicked by in 6:22. I was shocked to discover we were running sub-20 pace.

Photo: JRD Photo & Video Productions LLC, http://www.jrdphotoandvideo.com/

The next mile was tough. #17 was holding a steady pace, but I was fading. I focused on trying to stay relaxed and confident, but I could tell that my shot at first place was slipping away. Second mile 6:44. #17 had a sizeable lead and I heard another runner coming up behind me. A glance back confirmed it was a woman. Another glance as she passed me and I saw her 10k bib. Second place was safe for now, but I had slowed considerably. My watch was showing 7:16 avg pace for the current mile. Another check behind me, but there was no one close enough to challenge me. I would definitely take second.

Final turn of the race means 0.55 miles to the finish. Time to dig deep and see what’s left. Mile 3 was 7:07. I was glad to see I had managed to pick up the pace! Crossed the finish line with the clock showing 20:35, but my official finish time was recorded as 20:42. Since this was not a PR, I’m not really bothered. Additionally, this is not a certified course and it actually only measured 3.08 on my Garmin (past years have measured correctly).

2nd overall, 1st in age group (F 30-39)

Final Thoughts

I was NOT expecting to finish under 21 minutes. I though I would be lucky if I managed to finish under 22 minutes. This was my second fastest 5k and I managed it on ZERO speed work. My love for easy miles continues to grow.

I am very happy with the way I raced and the way I handled the pain/fading mid-race. When races start to turn against me, I think I have a tendency to let it get in my head and slow me down even more. I think this happened at Charlevoix 5k and at Mighty Niagara Half Marathon last year. But I think I did a good job adjusting expectations and accepting the fade during this race and at Rock CF this spring.

It has been a bit of a bummer to go through all of my spring races knowing I will not be running a PR. However, my race times have all been reasonably close to my PRs. 42 seconds off for 5k; 4:06 off for half marathon. I think I am right where I need to be in terms of aiming for a fall half PR and a winter marathon.


6 thoughts on “5k #20: Shanty 2 Short’s 2017

  1. Congratulations on 2nd female and a great race! You exceeded your expectations and handled the race well and that’s what counts- sometimes that is more important than a PR because PRs are hard to come by (that’s what makes them special). Stinks that the race came up short on your GPS, but 3.08 isn’t too bad. Even if it was 3.1, you would still be under 21 minutes.

    I love speedwork, perhaps a little too much. When I was coming back from my injury, though, I realized just how well I could do on easier miles. Yes, you do have to run fast to be able to race fast, but if you race a lot you really don’t need a ton of speedwork between races.

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    1. Thank you!

      I also think that regular racing and/or regular speedwork helps with recovery. I am always so beat up after a race because my body is just not used to pushing itself that hard. I think a little more consistency with hard efforts would help me not break down quite as much.

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