May Miles & June Goals

I can’t believe how quickly May went. I guess that is what happens when every single weekend is filled with running and races and dirt bikes and weddings.  June will basically be a repeat of May, minus the racing plus a trip to California.

See also: July and August.

My entire summer is already basically filled.

It has felt really good to have running back as part of my daily routine. I have had a handful of days where I just want to be lazy, but for the most part I have been excited about getting out and running. I ran a total of 117 miles in May, taking my weekly mileage from the upper 20s to the mid 30s. My long runs have stretched from 8 miles to 11 miles. I have not been running any workouts or tempos, but I have run a TON of hills which I consider speed-work in disguise. I ran one race, a 5k in 20:42.

For June I’d like to see my weekly mileage continue to grow, hopefully ending the month with 40+ mile weeks. I will continue to run as many hills as I can find and will probably add in some weekly strides at some point. I am hoping to stay injury free by starting each run with a dynamic warm up consisting of lunges and leg swings. I’m also trying to complete a core workout several times a week.

I’m eager to get back into higher mileage training, but I know that I need to be patient and give myself time to build up to that volume. Sometimes I worry that I am not doing enough, but then I remind myself that I still have 7 months until my marathon. I still have plenty of time to safely increase my training and build strength.


9 thoughts on “May Miles & June Goals

  1. Nice job this month!

    You are right about being patient. 40 miles is a lot for off season weeks (at least for me!), but I think as long as you are keeping the mileage easy you won’t run the risk of peaking early. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your running and are better able to weave it into your daily life without added stress.

    I second what you said about hills. Making an effort to keep my pace on hills instead of slogging up them was what really helped me start to regain my fitness during base building this month. I think hill running offers more of a fitness boost than speed work, actually.


    1. Thanks Hanna! Some of my early hills were definitely a bit of a slog, but I can tell that they are slowly starting to become more manageable. For the first time in about a month I had a mostly flat long run and I was pretty surprised by how quickly I was able to get through the last few miles since my past runs were uphill finishes.


  2. It seems like you have an amazing month of running! My goal right now is to increase my weekly mileage to 30. I’m also running only easy miles and I think my speed will considerably improve after this. Hope you have a wonderful month of June Heather!


  3. 40 miles a week is a lot for me if I’m not on a plan. Wow! I have totally fallen off the bandwagon of keeping track of my mileage and haven’t updated my running log since April. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Strava said I ran 31 miles last week, which is more than I thought, so Yeah Me!
    I did not know you ride dirt bikes!


    1. 40 is a bit more than I am used to for the off season too. I’m hoping that having a larger base of easy miles makes it easier to incorporate some quality workouts when training starts. My first marathon training plan I ended up cutting back on the quality and just running the prescribed volume. This time I’d like to do both.

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