Two quick things

I haven’t decided if I am going to keep up with blogging or not. I often feel like I do not have time for it but at other times I miss feeling connected to all of the run-bloggers I used to know. Sorry it has been so long since my last post 🙂

June: 137 miles

June was a great month. I planned to take several days off to enjoy my vacation in California, but even with the extra rest days, I still had my highest mileage month of the year. I’ve been keeping all of my miles easy and focusing on building endurance. The quality in my training right now is from long runs and hilly runs.


My first trail race

I’ve been trying to remind myself just how grueling my first marathon was and how I felt from miles 16-23ish. In six months I need to be ready to get really uncomfortable and still keep running. Trail running makes me pretty uncomfortable, so I signed up for my first trail race–a 25k on August 5th.


I’ve been trying to run on trails whenever I can and the one thing that really stands out is that I am SLOW on trails. I’m taking this as a good thing because it means more time on my feet. This race should be plenty long enough for me to get tired of running and still be several miles from the finish. I will be able to practice working through my exhaustion and finding the motivation to keep moving forward.

I’ve also heard that a strong core and strong hips can help save you from falling while on the trail. Since I currently have neither of those things, having this race on my calendar has kept me motivated to keep working at building strength–which will also benefit me when marathon training begins.


5 thoughts on “Two quick things

  1. I’m also really slow on trails. Many trail races like to give an “equivalent” time (like if you run a xx:xx in a road race, then you should run xx:xx here), but I never come anywhere close. My trail pace is a full 60-90 seconds slower than my road race pace for a flat non-technical trail. Fuddgettaboutit, if you’re talking about a technical trail.

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  2. Ah your first trail race is the day after my birthday!

    137 miles in one month … even with a vacation slotted in there. I am bowing down to you, Queen of Running!


  3. I feel the same way with blogging! I kind of want to just stop completely, but I can’t get myself to do it. I think a lot of other people are going through the same thing right now and can relate! Great job in June 😉


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