First workout

A week ago I ran the first workout in my half marathon training block. It was a rough one. Hot. Humid. and definitely out of practice on what it feels like to run fast.

My workout was 12×400 @ 5k pace (400 recovery). I pulled this workout, and the rest of the workouts for this training block, from Hanson’s Marathon Method. I’m really just doing my own thing this training block, but I wanted to be sure to hit a variety of paces and thought a mix of intervals at 5k pace and longer repeats at ~10 seconds under goal pace seemed interesting.

For repeats I like to give myself a range to hit, because that seems easier than aiming for a specific number. For 5k pace, I’d like to be somewhere between my PR (19:59, 6:27) and my most recent race (20:42, 6:40). I managed to hit that range for only 6 of my intervals; four were too fast and two were too slow. Basically: my pace was all over the place. I’m not too worried. I’ve always struggled to be consistent with short intervals.

After the first four intervals I was ready to quit. The heat was really getting to be and I was not recovering well. I decided to just walk my recovery portions so that I would still be able to hit my paces when running. I’m not sure if that is the best correct way to handle it. Maybe I would be better off taking slower intervals and keeping the recovery at an easy jog. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give that a try tonight. 

On deck for tonight: 6×800 @ 5k pace (400 recovery)


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