Goals: Tahqua Trail Run 25k

My first trail race! I’m nervous and excited at the same time. But mostly nervous. Definitely nervous.

In a dream world, I would settle into a comfortably, hard pace, maybe in the mid-8s, and enjoy the scenery while cruising down hard packed dirt trails with rolling hills. Maybe chat with other runners. Then I’d kick it up in the last few miles and speed in to the finish line to take first place.

It’s a very small race, <100 runners. Winner’s from the past three years have ranged from 2:09 to 2:30.ย  I could probably hold 8:18 for 15.5 miles. So it is definitely a possibility…

…if it was a road race. Trails are an entirely different beast. I’ve never done a trail race before. My training runs have been slow. And the last 6 miles of the course are supposed to be pretty difficult. Here’s the description of the final miles from the race organization

…extremely technical with roots, roots, and even more roots. It is wet and there are rocks. The trail is narrow single track. Donโ€™t feel bad if you have to walk this section. This is followed by a very hilly section โ€“ just be prepared and enjoy it. It is difficult to run this section fast.

I’d also really like to not fall. My best friend is getting married two weeks after the race and I’m not sure that bandages and bruises will coordinate with my bridesmaid dress.

I guess I really don’t know what to expect. I really liked Meg’s goals from her recent 30k trail race: have fun, feel good, and finish uninjured. I think I’m going to try to embrace that attitude and just enjoy the views of Tahquamenon Falls while I run.


And hopefully take home an age group award ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Goals: Tahqua Trail Run 25k

  1. Have a great race!! My advice would be to not focus on your pace. That’s what road races are for. Since this isn’t really comparable to the goal races you have coming up, take advantage of the opportunity to not worry about your finish time and splits here. Most people, especially those new to trails, have a hard time running fast and gauging an appropriate pace out on trails anyway. Think about all the other benefits trail running provides: building strength and agility, working on your endurance, and being able to do all of that in a much more fun and relaxed environment than road races provide. Besides, it’s a PR no matter what, and you may just find yourself addicted ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

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  2. I read Meg’s blog too! My goal for my last trail race (which was short, just 4.5 miles) was to not fall. I didn’t fall, so easy goal to meet- but a lot of people do fall. I say to just enjoy the run and not worry so much about pace because you have to race the conditions and not every mile will be the same. Plus you might be able to take some cool pics if you slow down and really enjoy it.

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