Disney Marathon – Weeks 1-4

I don’t have the time right now to regularly post training updates, but with 4 weeks completed (10 to go!) I thought I should do an update.

I’m not really following a training plan. Which is crazy. I love training plans. I love making plans for everything. But school can be a bit unpredictable and when I inevitably have a week where nothing goes as planned (Hello week 4!), it is nice to have extra flexibility. Each week I am aiming for 1 long run, 1 medium long run, and 3-4 days of shorter, easy runs.

Week 1 – 42.53 miles

  • Easy: 3 runs totaling 18.53 miles
  • Medium: 9 miles, 9:38 pace
  • Long: 15 miles, 9:12 pace [fast finish, final 5 miles 8:24]

Week 2 – 46.84 miles

  • Easy: 3 runs totaling 20.64 miles
  • Medium: 10 miles, 9:55 pace
  • Long: 16.2 miles, 9:07 pace [progression run]

Week 3 – 50.02 miles

  • Easy: 3 runs totaling 19.58 miles
  • Medium: 12.44 miles, 9:22 pace [new route, both longer and hillier than expected!]
  • Long: 18 miles, 9:53 pace [hardest run so far. every step was a struggle]

Week 4 – 21.07 miles

  • Easy: 2 runs totaling 11.07 miles
  • Medium: 10 miles, 9:29 pace
  • Long: nope!

After my 14 mile run turned into a 4 mile run due to a large painful blister on Saturday, I caved and let homework take priority on Sunday. I just did not feel like running and decided to take full advantage of my planned cutback week [the plan was to run ~40 miles, not half that]. I’m not too worried. I know that graduate school is going interfere with training on occasion. If I can nail 3 out of 4 weeks and still manage a few miles during the fourth week, then I should be fine. I just need to make sure to plan ahead as much as possible and not let this become a habit.

Looking ahead to my next block of training, I think I would like to run 45, 50, 55, cutback over the next four weeks. That makes Thanksgiving week a cutback week. That sounds nice because extra days off and fewer miles means more relaxing. But I also might want to capitalize on my extra days off and squeeze in some extra miles. I’m not sure yet.


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