Disney Marathon Training – Weeks 5-8

Another 4 weeks of training completed, including my first 20 miler of the season! Still not following a real plan. Each week I am aiming for 1 long run, 1 medium long run, and 3-4 days of shorter, easy runs. Easy pace is usually something in the 9+ minutes/mile pace. Marathon pace is about 8:20-8:40. Half marathon pace is 7:40s.

Week 5 – 49.18 miles

  • Easy: 3 runs totaling 20.86 miles
  • Medium: 10.3 miles, 8:34 pace [2 miles easy, 8 at marathon pace]
  • Long: 18.02 miles, 8:51 pace [progression run, easy to half marathon pace]

Week 6 – 20.34 miles

  • Easy: 2 runs totaling 10.17 miles
  • Medium: 10.17 miles, 9:13 pace
  • Long: nope!

I was out of town this week, which normally would not have been an issue, but it snowed. Icy sidewalks and icy roads with little to no shoulder….not worth the risk. Here’s a picture my husband took of my snow covered car.

Week 7 – 51.79 miles

  • Easy: 4 runs totaling 25.25 miles
  • Medium: 10 miles, 8:44 pace [2 easy, 2 @ half pace, 1 easy, 2 @ marathon pace, 1 easy, 1 @ half pace, 1 easy]
  • Long: 16.54 miles, 8:39 pace [4 easy, 11 @ marathon pace, 1 @ half pace]

Week 8 – 55.43 miles

  • Easy: 3 runs totaling 25.06 miles
  • Medium: 10.3 miles, 9:21 pace
  • Long: 20.07 miles, 9:16 pace [last 2 miles at marathon pace]

I did not know what to expect with my first 20 mile training run this season. I was kind of dreading it. I put it off for several hours on Saturday before finally forcing myself out the door. Once I was running, I just kept running. I stopped at mile 14 for a quick bathroom break and to bandage a blister then flew through the final 6 miles without any issues. My last two miles were 8:28 and 8:02. My hips felt a bit sore at times in the final few miles, but nothing too terrible.

My 3 long runs this month have felt really promising. I’m not crashing and burning, instead I’ve been able to pick up the pace at the end of each long run. It would have been nice not to have had another off week, but it is what it is. I can’t control the weather. I only have 6 weeks of training remaining. I still haven’t decided if that will be 3 training, 3 taper or 4 training, 2 taper. I know that I want to get in 2 more key long runs: a second 20 miler and 18 miles with 14 at marathon pace. Not sure what else.


3 thoughts on “Disney Marathon Training – Weeks 5-8

  1. I LOVE that Insta picture! That’s what winter is supposed to look like! I’m pretty jealous :).

    “then flew through the final six miles” whooo way to go! Sorry to hear about the blister but it sounds like it didn’t bother you too much!


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