2018 Race Calendar

February was a month of mixed results. The cold and snow kept me inside a few more days than I would have liked in the first half of the month, but the last couple weeks have been benefited from better weather and better consistency. I feel confident that March is going to be a great month for running. And it needs to be. I have a race in just four short weeks!

March 25 – Rock CF Half Marathon

I ran this race last year and loved it. It was cold and windy, but that is to be expected for early spring. Since my return to running post marathon has a bit bumpy my goal for this race is not a PR, but to beat last years finish time (1:46:26). It will be a nice benchmark to know that I am in better shape now than I was a year ago.

Also: giant homemade cookies at the finish line!

June 16 – Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon

The half marathon option at Grandma’s Marathon. PR attempt.

September 15 – Mighty Niagara Half Marathon

Raced this in 2016. Will be another PR attempt.

Other Possibilities

  • early May – Shanty 2 Short’s 5k
  • July 20-22 – Great Lakes Relay (~10 miles of trail per day)
  • Turkey Trots and Jingle-bell Jogs…my training never quite allows for holiday races, so with a final PR attempt of the year in September, I should be able to make it to some of these races this year!

2 thoughts on “2018 Race Calendar

  1. What will the weather be like when you go for your PR attempt? I honestly can’t imagine trying to go for a PR in summer. You know it will be like 100 degrees here by then lol! Over the weekend I got in my car and the temp read 90 degrees. I know that’s just because my car was sitting in the sun but still! Dang!

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