Half #11: Rock CF Half Marathon 2018

Way back in March I ran my eleventh half marathon. I figured I better get this race report up before I fall even further behind–half #12 is in two weeks!

Race: Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon
Date: March 25, 2018
Goal: injury-free finish!
Result: 1:54:51


Prior to this race I was dealing with some hamstring aggravation. I was able to put in easy miles, but anytime I tried to push the pace, I would spend the next few days in pain. I took several days off and contemplated deferring my race entry. But, with a few days of rest and stretching and a pep talk from my husband I felt confident that I could make it to the finish line injury free.


The morning of the race was cold and windy. It has been so long that I had to check my Garmin stats for the exact weather: 23°F and 10 mph wind. It was the coldest race I have ever done; my first race where I needed to wear tights. Fortunately runners were able to wait inside a school gym prior to the start.

Early Miles

The first few miles were uneventful. I tried not to weave too much and focused on keeping a nice easy pace. My first mile clicked by in 9:26 and I spent the next few miles inching my way down to 9 flat.

Mid Miles

Around mile 5 I hopped off course to use the bathroom. And I waited and waited and waited. I think I lost about a minute. And then I gave up and started running again. A mile or two later I found a few more bathrooms, this time without a line. I was in and out pretty quickly and back on pace. I think. At some point in this section I decided to take my gloves off and I accidentally paused my Garmin. I didn’t notice it for a minute or two. I easily laughed it off since I wasn’t aiming for a particular finish time.

rockcf 10
Running through an airplane hanger just before mile 10.

Around mile 8 or 9 I caught up with a pace group and decided to hang with them until mile 10. This part of the course has the most hills so I was grateful for the company. I also took a gu during this stretch. My pace for these miles ranged between 8:35 and 8:55

Final kick

My patience had finally worn out and I decided to pick up the pace a bit for the final 5k. With each mile I pushed the pace just a little bit more. 8:06, 7:57, and 7:48. I was starting to feel pretty tapped out in that final mile and was relieved when the course turned out of the wind and toward the finish line. I am very happy to have come in comfortably under 2 hours and completely pain free.

rockcf finish

What’s next?

I ran a 5k in May (recap coming soon!) and will be running Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon (Grandma’s Half) on June 16.



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