5k #21: Shanty 2 Short’s 2018

I didn’t really know what to expect with this race. My goal was to stick with the lead women as long as possible and hopefully be able to out kick them at the finish.

Race: Shanty 2 Short’s
Date: May 12, 2018
Goal: Win
Result: 22:12

Pre Race

This is a very small race so packet pick up was a breeze. I was also able to use a real bathroom before the race with no line, which is basically unheard of. My husband and his cousin would be running as well, but I left them to their own devices while I scoped out the competition warmed up. The weather was perfect for racing: 50°F and sunny skies.


The race started promptly at 10:00 and I immediately dialed in my 5k race pace. A pack of men were ahead of me, but I let them go. One woman shot past me, but since she had a red bib, I knew she was running the 10k. I realized I was the only woman up front so I started backing off the pace until other women caught up. I led us through the first mile at 6:55.

It wasn’t much later that I noticed our group of three women was down to just two. The other woman was breathing pretty hard. Since I haven’t been doing any 5k specific training I knew the last mile was going to hurt. I decided to back off the pace and let her lead for a bit. When the downhill finally ran out we slowed even more. Finished the second mile in 7:27 and I realized I wasn’t working hard at all.

The other woman sounded like she was really struggling and our pace continued to slow. The final turn of the course is just over half a mile to the finish. As we rounded the corner I hit the gas and took over the lead. I was very confident in my win and focusing on passing a few men. Final 1.1 miles in 7:50 and first overall female.

Post Race

I congratulated other runners as they finished the course and waited for my family to finish. My husband finished in 25:15 and his cousin in 30:36. Then we headed into Short’s Brewing Co for beers and awards.

The overall winner awards are always some variation of upcycled sneakers. This year’s featured baby running shoes which are really cute, but I keep hoping the brewery will start offering up growlers for the winners instead!

Another fun thing about this brewery: a few weeks before this race they had a block party to celebrate their 14th anniversary. I was just hanging out drinking too much beer when my husband says “Isn’t that Des Linden…?”

…and OMG it was!


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