Mighty Niagara Training, part 1

The first four weeks of my training are done! I have been writing a plan for each week as I go. I like that this has the flexibility of taking a rest day whenever I need one. I should probably have more structure for my tempo runs and speed work, but whatever.

Week 1 – 41.82 miles

Monday – 7.21 miles with strides
Tuesday – 1 hour hot yoga
Wednesday – 6.56 miles, trail run
Thursday – 8.02 miles
Friday – rest
Saturday – 8 miles with 3 at goal pace (7:32 avg)
Sunday – 12.03 miles

A smooth start to my 12 week training block. Three miles at goal pace felt intimidating, but wasn’t an issue. I just wish it hadn’t been so hot and humid — 73°F and 94% humidity at 7 A.M.

Week 2 – 45.41 miles

Monday – 7.01 miles with strides
Tuesday – 1 hour hot yoga
Wednesday – 10.01 miles
Thursday – rest
Friday – 7.25 miles
Saturday – 9.13 miles, HILLY!
Sunday – 12.01 miles with 5 at goal pace (7:28 avg)

Ended this week with a tired legs tempo run. Friday’s run was hilly, Saturday’s run was hilly, the five mile warm up on Sunday was hilly. Cheated slightly on my tempo miles as this section had a net downhill of ~50 feet per mile.

Week 3 – 42.12 miles

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 1 hour hot yoga
Wednesday – 7.41 miles, trail run
Thursday – 11.87 miles
Friday – 7.14 miles
Saturday – 10 miles
Sunday – 5.5 miles

The week my local running path closed due to construction and threw off my plans for pretty much every single run. Construction is scheduled to last 4 weeks. Aggh!

Week 4 – 34.31 miles

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 1 hour hot yoga
Wednesday – 6.41 miles, trail run
Thursday – rest
Friday – 11 miles, Great Lakes Relay
Saturday – 9.58 miles, Great Lakes Relay
Sunday – 7.32 miles, Great Lakes Relay

Great Lakes Relay is a 270ish mile relay race through Northern Michigan. Three days of running and camping and jumping in lakes. I was going to do a recap, but I think this was a “you had to be there” thing. Things got weird on day 3. It was an absolute blast.

I took it pretty easy on day 1 and then worked on picking up the pace on days 2 and 3. My legs were a mix of trail, sand, and dirt roads. Lots of hills. Ran 5 miles Sunday morning at 7:35 pace and another 2.3 miles that afternoon at 7:13 pace. I guess that counts as speed work for the week.


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