Race goals!

I can’t believe I am racing a half marathon on Sunday. I feel woefully unprepared, but if I look at my training log that really is not the case. I’m nearing 1,000 miles run in 2017. I’ve been logging a 13+ mile long run nearly every week since the beginning of July. I haven’t done … More Race goals!


Running has been weird lately. Some days I am eager to get out the door and other days I just can’t find the motivation to lace up. This week has started with two days of zero motivation. Fortunately the thunderstorms provided me with an ironclad excuse for skipping my runs. Monday became a rest day … More Lately

First workout

A week ago I ran the first workout in my half marathon training block. It was a rough one. Hot. Humid. and definitely out of practice on what it feels like to run fast. My workout was 12×400 @ 5k pace (400 recovery). I pulled this workout, and the rest of the workouts for this … More First workout

Base building: done!

Training this year has been focused on getting ready for my second marathon (Disney World Marathon, January 7, 2018). It was necessary for me to start from the ground up in January because I was coming off a significant break from running. I signed up for a half marathon in March to keep myself focused … More Base building: done!