I’ve been amassing a collection of partially written posts over the past week while I try to work out exactly what I want to say about what has been going on with running, school, and life lately. I think it is easiest to just get right to the point. Running I missed a lot of … More Lately…

Change of heart

Yoga has been my number one, most preferred workout since late November. Which was strange because in the past I would not have hesitated to tell you that I hate yoga. Plus why bother with yoga when I could go for a run? Last semester I found myself wanting to spend more time on the … More Change of heart


I was slogging my way through an easy run on Monday when the saying “progress is not linear” popped into my mind. I was out for a 3 mile recovery run. I had just strung together 5 consecutive days of running, culminating with 8 miles on Sunday. My legs were tired. My brain still hurt … More valleys

One and done

November started out with a really excellent first week of training. The highlight was the long run: 18.66 miles with negative splits. I went into this run just hoping to make it to 18 miles. I started very slow and mixed in some walking breaks. I’ve been having a hard time getting warmed up lately, … More One and done