run for fun

I’ve been dealing with some mild hamstring pain since the marathon. I’m not sure if it was the marathon in particular, or possibly falling down the stairs later that month, or just years of neglecting my strength and flexibility. I have been able to run 30 miles per week without issue, if I keep the … More run for fun


I’ve been amassing a collection of partially written posts over the past week while I try to work out exactly what I want to say about what has been going on with running, school, and life lately. I think it is easiest to just get right to the point. Running I missed a lot of … More Lately…

Change of heart

Yoga has been my number one, most preferred workout since late November. Which was strange because in the past I would not have hesitated to tell you that I hate yoga. Plus why bother with yoga when I could go for a run? Last semester I found myself wanting to spend more time on the … More Change of heart

One and done

November started out with a really excellent first week of training. The highlight was the long run: 18.66 miles with negative splits. I went into this run just hoping to make it to 18 miles. I started very slow and mixed in some walking breaks. I’ve been having a hard time getting warmed up lately, … More One and done

UMSI: Visiting Days

I’m breaking away from my usual running talk to share a bit more about my #futurelibrarian adventure. In order to be a librarian you must hold a Master of library science (MLS) degree. I’ve been accepted into University of Michigan’s School of Information (UMSI) where, this fall, I will begin working towards my degree. I’m … More UMSI: Visiting Days